4 Tips For Complaining Less Throughout The Day

Life isn't perfect, it has never been and it isn't supposed to be perfect. But somehow, we humans, keep thinking that it have be perfect, so we complain, about anything and everything, and we keep complaining until things turn to be perfect, or at least to be the way we think it should be! Below are some tips to complain less:

1- understand that the world doesn't owe you anything, it was here first:

Anything you ever want, you got to do it yourself, if it's given to you, then you should be grateful because it wasn't right, even if it was from your parents or a partner, or someone you once helped, eventually complaining wouldn't change anything, wouldn't do you any magic! the only thing complaining can do you is wasting your time!

2- Keep yourself busy being grateful for the good in your life:

Consider the good things in your life. The thought that I may lose those things some day, makes me want to cherish it more, be grateful more for having it which give me no more time to sit and complain about the things I don't have, actually with those precious people I have in it and those accomplishments I worked hard for, how can I ask for more!

3- Challenge yourself:

Try this, try to go throughout the day with no complaining at all and see how great your day will go on. Life is exactly like the one you imagine in your head, if you decide that your life is bad and you should be complaining, then it will be actually a bad one, but if you decide that ain't nothing to be complaining about and life is just perfect the way it is, then it will be perfect! You have the say over what you think, you decide to think negative or positive!

4- Trade it with deeds:

Each time you're tempted to complain about something, go and change it, if you can't change it then accept it the way it is, but never complain! There's magic in action, and trying for once and seeing the change you made can actually make you feel capable of anything, eventually you'll complain less, if not to say at all!

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