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The best motivation is the one that comes from within you, not from others, to be able to lift yourself up each time you feel down, that's true strength, here are some things to tell yourself when you think you're not good at all:

1- I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

2- I am done with the past, the future has plenty of room for change.

3- Everything happens for me, not to me.

4- The more I work, the luckier I become, and as long as I'm dreaming and aspiring I'll have to put in a matching effort for those dreams.

5- My self-worth isn't determined by others.

6- I'm strong enough, I'm going to face my fears, take action on my dreams, be happy and never settle for negativity, I'm doing all the above, just because I'm strong.

7- I'm stronger than my body shows! because strength is nowhere but within me.

8- I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.

9- What I do matters, but why I do it matters so much more.

10- If I desire to make a difference in the world, I must be different from the world.

11- I won't care about what others think! I won't ever let anyone steal your dreams.

12- I'm human. I have weaknesses, I make mistakes, and I experience sadness; but I learn from all these things and they make me a better person.

13- There will never be another now. I will make the most of today. There will never be another me. I will make the most of myself.

14- I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.

15- I deserve better, I deserve deciding for myself, I deserve doing something I love and being somewhere I love, and no one is going to give it to me, so I might as well take actions now on what I want to do.

16- The bad things that happened to me, turned to be memories worth to be told, turned to make my life fun.

They keep judging, criticising, making fun of you, and instead of feeling down, you rise above it all, because it's actually a pusher to do it despite their judgments, if it's not going to beat you down, then it will rise you up, below are some things you need to remind yourself with each time you're feeling down: 1- There's always a second time to do things better, and if there wasn't, make one! give yourself a chance to be better. 2- What others are thinking of you, saying about you or even doing to you isn't a problem, it won't take from you, or add to you anything, what you think about yourself and what you do is all that matters, but if what others are saying and doing is affecting you, then you have a problem, with yourself, not with others. 3- Sometimes all that you have to do, is to forget, not with alcohol, it would only make it worse, but by busying yourself in getting things done, sometimes you don't have to control everything, don't fight it, give it some time. 4- Every day you make a promise to go stronger to be better, then day after day, it seems like nothing is changing, everything is still the same, but when you look a year back, you'll see a great difference. 5- Think what you want, feel what you want, but act right, sometimes we can't control the way we feel or the thoughts we think, sometimes it's okay to let it be and to stop obsessing about it, trying to control it, sometimes you need to let yourself be scared, but then do it anyway, I'm sensitive and I can't help it, trying to control it made it worse, but trying to control the way I act did all the work! 6- No matter where you are, no matter how tough life is right now, never lose faith that things will get better. 7- Happiness isn't in living the way you think you should live, nor it is in what others think it is supposed to be, happiness is in enjoying every moment as it is. 8- don't feel bad for losing some people, not even for them hating you or judging you, you have a road to go, people will walk with you and leave you continuously, what does matter is your road and the person you grow to be.

life isn't that complicated, not like your mind thinks it is, it quite simple indeed and doesn't have to be all figured out. In a word, life goes on, it doesn't stop on a person, or event or a loss, it goes on and on, you forget some people and know new ones, you get hurt and mend your heart, you cry and laugh, you get afraid and then confident, happy and then sad, hopeful and then hopeless and it still goes on.

Sometimes you feel so weak and you hate it, because you've been always strong, and you know that you're much stronger than this, but you keep fighting anyway to keep your head up and that's what counts, you can't be always strong, but you can always be brave, and that's already enough! 
Be proud of your desire to resist and don't care about how weak you are now!

Keep fighting no matter how life will get hard and tough, and keep calm no matter how much you get hurt!

No one promised that this life will be 100% happy, actually life is full of problems and challenges, and we need it to grow up! no one wants to have problems, but when you do, just make sure that you never run away from it, make sure that you keep your head up and you face it no matter how afraid you are, just do it anyway!  

You hate being treated badly and underestimated, though you are nice to people, but you can't expect people to be nice to you just because you are to them, it's like expecting a lion not to eat you, just because you won't eat it!! people's reaction is something you have no control over, and it's useless to keep pleasing them, so stop breaking your own heart with keeping rude people around you, be strong enough to stand for yourself and to walk away from everything that may hurt you, stop expecting if you don't want to be disappointed! no one really owes you anything not even to give kindness back, but most of all, know that you're good enough and being treated badly doesn't define who you are but who did treat you that way, is!

We all have ups and downs in our lives, sometimes we feel so motivated to take responsibility of our lives and to work on our dreams and other times we just get demotivated, and that's alright, just have enough strength to get up each time and try again!

We all have our insecurities, we're so attached to things, but just know most of it doesn't matter, and that you're the one decide whether to let go or to stay attached, So let go of what you have no control over, let go of your expectations, let go of caring too much about what others think about you!! let go your past and move on.

Stop feeling guilty about your past mistakes, each time you do one, get up and start all over again, but this time get excited because you'll do it better since you've learned the lesson.

We're human being, we're not perfect, we make mistakes and we have our weakness, but we still have minds, and it's much powerful than what we may think it is, with this mind we can control ourselves and so we can control our lives, we choose to be happy, or to be sad! everything is by choice.

When you work on your dreams, the beginning is always the most difficult part. it's exciting to do something you love, but at the same time the amount of work that you need to put in until you see any results is really demotivating. You might find it hard to keep faith and believe that you can make it. It might seem impossible to you and everyone out there may point out all the reasons why it can't happen. But keep on mind that nothing worth having comes easy.

This beginning eventually will come to an end and you’ll move on to the next chapter, things will become easier day after day. There will come a time when you become an expert after all the practicing you did, and you'll make it.

You should know that the problem isn't with the beginning, it's with your expectations, you expected to see results so soon, you expected that it would be easy and you'll make it quickly, but you didn't expect that it will require much work and that you’ll need to be patient and keep practicing and trying. Because having the passion, isn't enough, you need to practice!

It's really hard to feel your value and worthiness when others keep criticizing you for not quite meeting their standards, but no matter what they say, this can’t change the fact that we’re unique and we don’t have to meet any standards.

I was once with my little brother on the beach helping him collect some shells, he asked me to only pick the beautiful ones, I asked: “how do you know if it’s a beautiful shell? What does it make it beautiful?” He said: “The special ones. The ones that there’s not a lot of”. It was only then that I knew what does it mean to be beautiful, and it was definitely nothing like society’s standards, for it was in being special. If you’re special, then you’re beautiful.

Beauty has more to do with your confidence than anything else; wear whatever you like, but wear it with confidence, keep your head high and go out.

I know that it will be most convenient if one could win people over, but that simply can’t happen, even if you got to make ten people approve of you, there will always be an eleventh who won’t, which is alright; if someone approve of you or not, that can’t possibly make you any less or more worthy. You’re worthy for the simple reason that you’re alive and you exist, once you believe this, no one can ever make you feel any less important.

So stop pleasing people, life is short as it is for you to wasted living it for someone else. It is said that we’re buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like and often we don’t know.

You’re whole and complete. You don’t need someone else to complete you. Anything you need, you got to do it by yourself. You got to accept yourself before others can accept you. You got to know and believe that you’re more than your achievements or appearances. You’re a whole new person with every day, every thought, and every breath. You have absolutely no limits, except for the ones you set for yourself.

Your purpose in this life isn’t to get the most neither it is to be the best. Your purpose is to give the most, to help as much as you can and to leave this world a better place so you can say that “I lived”, that you left something to be remembered for.

Life isn’t fair and life is a pain, still, it can be enjoyed. There will always be time to worry and stress out, but never enough time to be happy. So laugh it off, read a good book, do something you love, love someone... Just live it up.

Thoughts are powerful. One single powerful thought can make your whole day, so never underestimate your thoughts, below are some things you need to tell yourself first thing in the morning to keep up the motivation:

1- What are the dreams I'm living for?

When looking for motivation, ask yourself first what are the dreams and goals that you needed motivation for. We often look for motivation without a targeted goal! So start by visualizing your dreams and setting goals and plan of action to reach those dreams.

2- It's worth the pain:

Remember nobody said it’d be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. 
It’s normal for us to resist change, because we like to feel comfortable, we like to see the future clear in front of us, and change often means that will be in a discomfort, trying to adapt to new ways. But only if you desire to raise, you’ll have to bear the pain of change.

3- I don't need others approval to feel good about myself:

Life is too short to wait for others' approval. Count yourself as fortunate if you’re ready to transform yourself and your life, but make sure your life is changed by your choices, not because someone else thinks that it’s a great idea.

4- I don't mind to feel discomfort:

We're not supposed to deny our moods, our feelings or our problems, we should admit it, then try to do something about it, but sometimes we need to let go, sometimes the best thing you can do, is to just keep yourself busy. Fake it until you make it! You can’t work only when you feel like it, you’ll have to push yourself.

5- I don't need the perfect moment to do it:

Do it now, you don't have to be in the mood to do what you have to do and you won’t know how ready you are until you do it. Don't wait for the perfect moment, make the moment perfect.

6- I'm not what I used to be yesterday:

Make it a goal to be every day better than the day before. Keep in mind that we can always change. Change might not happen over a night, but time will pass anyway.

7- I'm allowed to make mistakes:

You're not supposed to be perfect, but you're supposed to learn and to grow up, and this happens only when you dare to try and to make mistakes.

Don't hold yourself from living just because you're afraid that you may make a mistake, the biggest regret isn't making a mistake, but not trying just because you're afraid that you make one. Let it be and take the responsibility of your outcomes, you're strong and you can fix whatever comes up.

8- It’s okay to be afraid, as long as I'm not going to run away:

We keep telling ourselves constantly to stay strong, not to stress about things and to stop worrying. We make these resolutions, then, once we find ourselves facing a challenge, we get disappointed because we couldn’t hold onto those resolutions. Well, it doesn't matter if you were strong or not, if you stressed out or not. What does matter is that you didn't run away and you stood for yourself however afraid you felt.

9- The world owes me absolutely nothing:

It’s easy to go on blaming the world for the life you’re living. You go thinking that “Surely someone has to be the reason why you live the life you’re living” and blaming the world seems like a good alternative to blaming yourself. The truth, however, is that no one is to be blamed. The world doesn’t owe you anything at all, whatever you had been given isn’t a plain right, it was something to be grateful for. On the other hand, not having it, isn’t unfair.

And you shouldn’t blame yourself, because blaming can only down you and make you feel depressed thus unable to do anything to change the situation. Instead, acknowledge your mistakes or your dissatisfaction with the current situation and figure out, rationally, what can be done to make things better.

10- I don’t need more to be happy:

We’re knocking doors from the inside, looking for happiness elsewhere, when all the time it’s right in us. You only feel happy truly when you feel grateful. This means feeling contented and satisfied with what you have right now.

11- We all make choices, but in the end my choices make me:

We keep complaining and whining about how hard life is. We believe that we’re living our circumstances, but the truth is, we’re living our choices. Because it’s not about the circumstances, but your response to those circumstances is what defines the quality of your life.

Life is full of ups and downs, that's the fun of it otherwise what would be the point from living a peaceful life with no challenges, no problems... Challenges is what grows you up, we don't grow by age, we merely old by age, but we grow by the lessons we learn from the challenges we overcome. Don't hold yourself back whenever it's time to grow up, be excited instead, below are some reminders for you when things don't go your way:

1- Give up thinking and start doing, do what you have to do, make the day count and get closer to your dreams.

2- Make it a habit to work on your dream, then improve this habit by improving your method or at least keep on it, even if you fail, go back and try again but don't give up!

3- Give up excuses, if you really want it, then you'll find time for it even if you have a job or studies, surely you can find an hour every day to work on your dream.

4- We need an escape, we need to create our own world where, we dream big and do something we're passionate about, writing was an escape for me, whenever it gets tough, whenever I feel sad, upset or angry. I write, writing down, frees me from negativity, so have your own escape, when time get tough, do something you love, something that make you too busy to get into the negativity and drama, something that make feel your own value!

5- Stop living in the past, stop missing people who left you, stop missing things you lost or moments that have gone, life is happening right now, so be excited about what's coming, about people that you're going to meet, and take advantages of every opportunity you get.

6- Change your view of the world so you can change how you feel about it and for that you need constant motivation, remind yourself with all the decisions that you took to be better, remind yourself with all the positive thoughts you need to practice!

7- Through the days, focus on making the right choices every time, choose right! when you eat, choose to eat healthier food, when you react over any situation, choose the right reaction! because we build our life with our choices!! 

8- A thousand disappointments in the past cannot equal the power of one positive action right now. Go ahead & go for it.

9- Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but it's more difficult to regret.

10- When you truly believe in what you are doing, it shows. And it pays. Winners in life are those who are excited about where they're going. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

11- You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you.

12- You are GOOD enough, SMART enough, BEAUTIFUL enough, and STRONG enough. Believe it and never let insecurity ruin your life.

13- Your purpose isn't to live a comfortable, peaceful life, with no problems, but to go through the uncomfortable, yet you still can find your inner peace... and once you start to see the problems as opportunities to grow stronger, then you can find that peace! Life is perfect once with its imperfections!

14There are no negative feelings, everything is a part from learning about life.

"Sensitive suffer more, but they love more and dream more"

Being sensitive shouldn't make you feel ashamed, it's your character, it's what makes you unique, and we meant to be unique and different, you're worthy and you should be proud of the good heart you have, though people out there are rude you're not supposed to be rude like them, you're supposed to be you, if you're good, then do good!

I know that all these emotions you have inside, are holding you back every time you decide to let go and bring peace into your life, I know that you're so afraid of trying all over again to let go this hate, anger and jealousy you're feeling because you're afraid of another heartbreak!

You should know that finding it hard to let go while others can do it easily, doesn't meant that you're not able to let go, it just means that you need an extra effort to do so, because you're sensitive and your emotions are deeper than anyone else, but letting go though all of this, that's a huge thing to be proud about! you need to be patient and brave to try again each time you fail! 

Being sensitive, is something so romantic, so pure, it means that you have the purest heart, but at the same time it means that you'll have a lot of sad moments!

Since no one is perfect, you need to accept your character, you need to look to the bright side of it, which means being different, being special and being true in a fake world!

And for the motivation, just accept that you need a constant one, more than others do need it! have that habit of motivation, read motivational articles, watch motivational videos, and have a motivational board on Pinterest

Control your thoughts, because we create our world with our thoughts, what we think about is what will manifest on the outside, when you think positively, you'll have a positive life, you'll see the good about every situation and you'll forget about all these tiny negative things.

Some day it will get easy to live with your emotions! and you'll know how to use it in the right way because what you have is worthy! it's hard to find a good heart these days! Don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself, you worth it!

I know that you're so afraid of the future, I know that sometimes you get too much in drama because you can't just let go, this anger, this hate and this jealousy, I know that these feelings had been consuming you though you're doing much effort to let it go, I know that you're tired and that you're suffering much, though you know that it's all in your mind and that you're the one who's getting herself into this shit, you do know that you have control over it and that you can get out of this, but the fact that you have been trying so much and failing so much has made you even more afraid, afraid of trying another time and getting a heartbreak again!

1- If you want the change, then you need not to just remove these feelings of hate, anger and jealousy, but you need to bring something else in their place, because letting the place empty for them to get back, that's the reason why you're failing every time! Replace them with better feeling, start loving yourself and loving people.

2- Instead of being selfish, seeking happiness and getting closed on ourselves every day more and more, why not to stop being too focused on ourselves and to start to think of others, to be useful, honorable and compassionate, why not to make some difference in this world!

Instead of wanting the good only for yourself, why not to give it all to people! that would bring much more happiness than being selfish will.

3- when life gets tougher, you get stronger, and once you realize this, you won't complain anymore.

4- greedy people never get enough, they never get satisfied, they want what they're not willing to put into any effort, and they blame the whole universe for what they do themselves to themselves, don't be one of them. And don't hurt people just because they hurt you. If you're good, then do good.

5- Nothing should be taken for guaranteed, so don't be afraid to let go, because you only get better when you let go of what you have, you only become better when you let go of who you are.

6- If you want happiness, then you need to give up comparing yourself to others! Give up the idea of being like someone else! being like someone else, that takes from you your own value, because value is about being different, the more you're different the more value you have, but when you try to be like someone else, you'll lose that value!

7- What's happening around doesn't matter much compared to what's happening within you, it's a matter of attitude, you can make it easy and you can make it hard on you as well, the choice is yours.

Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going. -Jim Ryun

It's really important to find the motivation to work on your dreams, but much important is to keep that motivation so you won't give up! so these are 7 tips to help to improve your motivation:

1- Believe in yourself: 

They say it's not difficult to make a million dollar, but it's difficult to believe that you can! When you work on your own, believing in yourself would be the hardest part, it's hard to believe that what you're doing does worth it because often at your beginning you won't see much results, your results is your best motivation and when you can't see any then it's up to you to push yourself, don't ever think that you're not good enough, or that you can't make it, believing in yourself that's what make the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful.

2- Consider the importance of the efforts you're putting in: 

It’s not about where you're starting from, success is not about talent, it’s about effort, no matter how smart or talented you think you are, no matter what others think of you, without putting in the effort, you won’t succeed, so work harder and make out the best of every single minute in your days. Just keep in your mind that the harder you'll work the luckier you'll become.

3- Unsatisfaction: 

When it comes to work, never get satisfied, for the simple reason is that there will be always something to improve. Feeling unsatisfied would be the greatest motivation to change and to look for something better until you get something even better than what you've been expecting, I try often to get satisfied with my work, the tools I'm using and the methods I'm working with, and I've never regretted it!, don't settle for less while you can have better.

4- Be open to challenges: 

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, challenges and problems are going to be a part of your life, so either you’re moving towards the problem, or you’re in the problem or you’re coming out of the problem, we all have problems, be cool with it and don’t let it consume you, because once you get on the other side of the problem, that’s when you get stronger, grown up and that’s when life starts to change and attracts your dreams, anyway storms don’t last forever and you got to get through it, it may not be easy, but you have exactly what you need to get through it! life is full of problems and every day we're in a fight with ourselves, to be able to solve these problems!

5- Be open to change: 

Change happens only when you open yourself to it, only when you truly convince yourself that you need it if you want better, don't be afraid, it's always better to try than to stay wondering your whole life, we need to change if we want to get better, always easy to say, hard to apply, and that's because of our addiction to our comfort zone, being comfortable that feels much better than the uncomfortable feeling, no one likes pain, failure, disappointments,.. but everyone likes success, well it's a matter of priorities, if you love success enough to let go you desire of you comfort zone, then you'll make that success.

6- Understand the illusions of procrastination: 

we do procrastinate often about everything, sometimes we give reasons, like this is too hard, I'm not concentrated enough for it right now, I have a lot of things to do.. or we may just say that we're not in mood to do it! and so we put it off to its perfect time, which is illusion number one, there's no perfect time, we won't be ready until we do it, any moment can be a perfect moment!! another illusion is being in mood to do something, there's no such thing!! you'll be always in mood for the bad habits, but you won't be in mood for the good ones, so forget about your mood and do it anyway, you'll thank yourself later for that

7- Set down your own deadlines: 

When you work on your dream, you won't have deadlines, you're free to work whenever you want and as much as you want, this may seem perfect, but you won't have always that motivation to keep you working and bringing out your best, sometimes you won't be in mood to work on your dream or for any other reason, there you'll understand the importance of the system!! since you're working on your own there won't be any system for you, so you need to create your own, start with putting deadlines, set down dates to have your work done! and make it as an obligation, no matter what, don't break it, I know you're free to break any rules, but I don't want you to regret it later, so don't! you may have a lot of free time, but know that you have a lot of work to do too! it wouldn't be the same as a real deadline, but at least you're doing your best!!

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