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Maybe it’s not about the end, maybe it’s about the story. That’s how life should be viewed. It doesn’t matter the end, as much as the experience does. For instance, in a relationship, it doesn’t matter if the couple had remained together till the end, sometimes the story, their love story, matters more.

Constantly, we go through endings and beginnings, a school year, a relationship, a job… the experience might have lasted a long time to be considered insignificant, or so it seems to us because the experience sometimes is so intense, so dear to us to let go easily. We feel sad at first, then nostalgic, then we move on to something else and life goes on.

Maybe there are no endings after all, because to each ending, there will always be a beginning to something else. It’s like a circle.

Many people dread going through a new experience just because they fear the endings, they’ve been there once and the end wasn’t all that pleasant. They had been in a relationship, deeply in love, then they broke their hearts and vowed not to fall again. But what if you missed on the chance of meeting somebody’s great while trying to protect your heart?

You won’t know for sure until you give it a try. Whatever the outcomes, if you learn from it, it’ll be worth it.

It’s okay to feel nostalgic, just don’t lock yourself in your past, don’t let it blind you from seeing the beautifulness and the opportunities of your present. Let your past, instead, be a source of happiness, something to remember every now and then and smile about. A prove that you lived and that you’ve left your mark; you’ve changed some people’s lives or even day, and some others have changed you. You’ve changed some things, and other things have changed you.

To my past year, I shall feel grateful, I figured out a lot about myself and what I want to do an be. I read a lot of great books. I loved, and I broke my heart in the process. I made new friends and cut off others. I laughed. I cried. I felt blessed, and even on those days, I felt most like whining and complaining, still I was thankful for everything. This might be the end of something beautiful, but it’s also the beginning of something new, yet to be discovered.

For those I hurt without being aware, I’m awfully sorry. For those who helped me, I’m really thankful, it meant the world to me. For those I helped, it was my pleasure and not at all, I wouldn’t do it for anything in return.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

We, human beings, are self-centered by nature, so evidently, helping someone else, isn’t an easy task one can do, it takes so much. It takes an open heart and a beautiful soul. Below are some ways helping others can improve the quality of your life to inspire you to help more:

1- It eases your grief:

When in grief, seek comfort in helping others. Helping someone else is the best way to forget about oneself! Putting your mind off your problems and concerns can ease a huge deal your grief about your loss.

When you help someone, you help yourself, you cheer yourself up, you forget about your problems and focus about someone else’s and since you can’t worry about them like their owners, you’ll end up with no worries at all. As for your own problems, it’s true that one shall think that they won’t solve themselves, but most of them don’t need solving at all, most of our problems exist only in our heads.

2- A shortcut to happiness:

Often people don’t consider helping someone else unless there’s something for them in it. People don’t realize that nothing can give you satisfaction more than helping without anything in return. It’s the feeling of being important because you helped someone, that you made a difference in his day, in his life, thus in the world. This feeling of importance can leave a long lasting feeling of contentment and happiness like nothing else can do.

3- It opens your heart:

We’re selfish by nature, we want to be the best, to have the most and to be the center of the universe… therefore opening your heart and giving away what you’d rather keep for yourself and without expecting anything in return, is the ultimate way to practice having an open heart and free yourself from obsessing about being the best and having the most.

4- Giving away makes you richer:

It’s almost magical how it works, you give something away and you get more and more back. It might not be from the one you helped, but it somehow returns to you. Look at all those celebrities who gave and still giving away to charities, did it make them any poorer? I wouldn’t think so, at the opposite, they’re getting even richer. This is something that can’t be accepted by the mind, it’s almost illogical and makes no sense at all. I mean how giving away can ever make you richer? So, this can only be believed in. Try it and see yourself as I’m speaking from a personal experience.

5- Self-improving:

You never treat someone based on who he is, whether he deserves to be helped or not, what he has done for you or what he can do for you. No! you treat people based on who you are, if you’re a generous person, you help everyone regardless of who that one is or was. Because you don’t help to get a help back, you give because you’re good and you want to do good.

6- The best use of time:

What is it the best use of time for you? is it living your life chasing every single pleasure, collecting every single item and spending as much time possible in outgoings! Is that what makes the time well invested? I would rather think that the best use of time is to give it away, is to use it in the service of others, to help as many people as you can and to make the world a brighter place.

We need help every now and then, but what’s uncommon is the idea that one needs to help someone else too. We need to give away and care for one another. It’s a need that many of us sense at times, like a mother who needs to give away love and care for her dear child. 

It occurs to us to lose faith in a better world sometimes, to lose faith that still some people are doing good every day, therefore, it's quite essential to look for some inspiration now and then. Below are some stories I enjoyed reading it on MMT that made my days and made me not only think but also believe hard in a better world:

1- Today, about an hour after I lost my wallet, a man showed up at my front door with it. Everything was intact including the $200 in cash. As I expressed my gratitude, he explained to me that he hopes doing the right thing pays off for him. “Oddly enough, I lost my wallet sometime this morning too,” he said. “I had about the same amount of cash in there that you have and all my cards and IDs.” Without thinking about it, I pulled out $100 and handed it to him. “Take this, I insist,” I said. “Just in case you don’t find your wallet, we’ll split the cash.” He gratefully accepted the money and left. This evening he knocked on my door again. “Here’s your $100 back,” he said. “A woman found my wallet and returned it and all my cash about an hour ago.” MMT

2- Today, one of my friends (she's 17), recently had a baby girl, and has been doing her schoolwork at home. Last week, my best friend convinced her to learn child and baby CPR and choking thrusts, in case she was alone and there was an emergency. Yesterday, I heard from my best friend that the girl's baby is recovering in hospital from a choking accident. The nurse said she wouldn't be alive if her mom, my friend, hadn't properly administered the choking thrusts she learned last week. MMT

3- Today, my grandpa passed away. When he served in the military he contracted uranium poisoning at the age of 36 and had to have his right lung removed. They initially gave him a month to live. He was 86 when he passed away today. He got to experience an extra 50 years and help raise me and my brother – his grandchildren. He was the most optimistic and positive person I have ever met. You could see it in his eyes, he knew he was given a second chance at life, and he appreciated every waking minute it. MMT

4- Today, I wore a V-neck shirt that reveals the top of the large scar on my chest from when I had heart surgery last year. It’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve gained enough confidence to wear clothing that doesn’t completely cover it up. Anyway, while I was standing in line at a restaurant, a little boy came up to me, lifted up his shirt and showed me his own heart surgery scar. “I’m not alone,” he said as he smiled. His mother told me he was extremely self-conscious of his scar and usually never showed it to anyone because he felt like he was the only one with a scar like that. MMT

5- Today, it’s been ten years since I quit the traveling rock band I was in and decided to settle down and become a high school music teacher. But when I pull out of the teachers’ parking lot every afternoon with my windows down and my students smiling, waving and screaming, “Hi, Mr. A! See you tomorrow,” I still feel like a rock star. MMT

6- Today, I had a horrendous day at work, and then on the drive home I was rear-ended in the pouring rain. When I finally got home I told my husband and kids that I just needed to lie down. So I went into the bedroom and passed out by myself. When I woke up two hours later, my 5-year-old daughter was wedged in behind me, my 3-year-old son was snuggled up in front of me, and our 4-month-old kitten was sprawled out across my stomach. And all of them were fast asleep. Waking up to this made me realize that even on bad days I have a lot to be grateful for.

7- Today, I found out that one of my new co-workers (I’ve only been with the company for 3 months) has been taking a sign language class at a local community center three times a week since the week after I started so he could speak to me in sign (I’m deaf). This afternoon we had an hour long discussion with no talking and now we have a date this Friday. MMT

8- Today, I’m in the Marines and currently stationed in Korea. This morning it was particularly rainy and dreary. Before I was on duty while I was walking to work I decided to splash through a big puddle on the sidewalk like I used to do as a little kid. A Major stopped me and asked, “What are you doing, soldier?” I replied, “Letting my inner child out while I walk, Sir!” He smiled and said, “Carry on, soldier!” As he walked away he purposely jumped up and splashed a puddle himself, laughed, and walked out of sight. MMT

9- Today, after drinking several beers at a bar downtown for my friend’s birthday party, I walked down the road to the bus stop and waited. I was too tight on cash to get a taxi, but I could afford a bus fare. While I was waiting at the bus stop, a taxi pulled up to see if I wanted a ride. It turned out to be a taxi driver who’s given me a ride several times before over the years. I said, “No thanks, I’m tight on money right now and I don’t have enough cash on me.” “Don’t worry about it, jump in,” he said. “You’re a regular, and you’ve tipped me well over the years. I’m getting off my shift now anyway, and I’m heading your way.” He dropped me off at my home free of charge, and even refused a small tip. He smiled and said, “Tonight I’m giving you the tip.” MMT

10- Today, on my birthday, on my last delivery of the night, I delivered a pizza to one of our regular customers. When he opened the door, he threw confetti, grabbed the pizzas, and said, “Jason, you’ve been delivering my pizzas for two years now and they’re always hot and delicious! Your co-worker told me I would be your final delivery this evening, because you’re taking the rest of the night off to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday! Have some fun on me this evening.” And then he handed me a $100 tip. MMT

11- Today, on a really busy morning at the grocery store where I work, I was ringing up a teenage boy who came to my register with a cart full of groceries. I scanned all of the items and began to bag them when he told me that he would bag them, which people rarely do. Once he paid, he stood nearby waiting on his little sister who was in the restroom. I began to scan another customer’s groceries and the teenage boy walked back to my register and began to bag the customer’s groceries for me. He said, “You look tired, and I’m just standing around. Let me help you.” He bagged her groceries, smiled at me and left when his sister returned. MMT

12- Today, as I was flying home after a 14 month deployment overseas (I’m a Marine), I was kind of uncertain about how my homecoming would be. I hadn’t really spoken to many of my family members and friends recently, and I just assumed that everyone was just doing their own thing, and that I’d see them when I eventually saw them. But when I walked out of the airport gate area past security, pretty much everyone I know (there were about 100 of them) was standing at the entranceway to baggage claim, cheering for me and holding signs up that said, “Welcome home hero!” MMT

13- Today, my husband and I are living off of pennies, but we wanted to do something fun tonight. We had $15 we could commit to the evening, so we decided to order a small pizza from a local pizzeria down the street and then rent a movie. We assumed the pizza would be about $10 and the movie about $5. We called in the pizza order and then walked down to the video store. On the way into the video store my husband found a $5 bill on the sidewalk, so we used it to rent the movie. Then when we got to the pizzeria, they messed up our order, giving us a large cheese instead of a small pepperoni. When the owner realized his staff had made a mistake, he made us a fresh small pepperoni and then gave us both pizzas for free. It wasn’t the fanciest way for a couple to spend an evening, but good luck and great company made it quite memorable. MMT

14- Today, I’m a maid at a fancy hotel. Although I try to look presentable at work, the baggy grey maids uniforms we’re required to wear usually make me feel inferior and unattractive. But this afternoon I was sweeping in the lobby when I overheard a little boy say to his mom, “The key cards for the rooms all look the same. How do the hotel workers know which room card we should get?” His mom laughed and said, “The hotel fairy tells them which key card to give us.” The little boy then pointed to me and said, “Is she the hotel fairy? She looks like one.” MMT

15- Today, I served a large table of rude people at the restaurant where I work. The cook made one small error on one of the orders and, even after I fixed the mistake, all ten of the people at the table, who I had waited on hand and foot for two hours, didn’t leave me a cent for a tip. One of them actually wrote, “Maybe you’ll get it right next time,” on a napkin. It almost brought me to tears. Then a few minutes later I went to pick-up the final signed receipt from two business men who were sitting across from the table of ten. They left me a $100 tip and also left me a note on a napkin that said, “Don’t let those fools ruin that beautiful smile.” MMT

16- Today, a family of Muslims came into our church during a heavy rainstorm. They sat in the back, knelt down, and began to pray. I overheard one of their young children ask, “Why are we praying in here? This is not a mosque.” The father looked down at his child and said, “We all have different paths and beliefs, but there is only one God, and he loves us all the same. This is a lovely place for us to pray and relax until the rain stops.” MMT

17- Today, my two daughters, 4 and 6, wanted ice cream from the ice cream shop next to the grocery store we had just finished shopping at. But ever since my husband and I were forced to foreclose on our home we have been budgeting our money down to the penny, and only using cash for our purchases. I explained to my daughters that I had only brought enough money for the groceries. They were upset, but okay with it. Then, as we were packing all the groceries in our car, the ice cream store owner walked up with two double scoop ice cream cones. He said, “I was out front a minute ago and overheard your conversation. Today the ice cream is on me.” MMT

18- Today, I stopped on the side of the road to help an elderly man who was struggling with changing a flat tire. It turns out he was the firefighter who pulled my mom and me out of our burning apartment when I was a kid. Even though I hadn’t seen him in 30 years, it only took me a few seconds to recognize him. We chatted about it for awhile, and then as soon and I had the spare tire secured on his car, we looked at each other, shook hands and said, “Thank you,” simultaneously. MMT

19- Today, as I was preparing to pay at a toll booth, a driver next to me accidentally pulled into a closed lane, so I stopped and gave him enough room to pull into my lane. When I stopped at the window to pay my toll, the toll attendant told me the gentleman in front of me had paid for me. MMT

20- Today, I was checked into the hospital after a pretty bad motorcycle accident. My childhood best friend showed up unannounced to see me. We haven’t spoken in almost two years after we got in a huge fight over a business deal that went sour. Sitting here in my hospital room this afternoon, we resolved all of our differences and talked for four straight hours. This accident broke a few of my bones, but it reunited me with one of my best friends in the world. MMT

21- Today, a boy in my 9th grade home economics class brought in two dozen red roses and gave one rose to every girl in the class, then handed me the remaining roses and said, "These are for you." He did this following a conversation a few of my girls started in class yesterday about never receiving flowers from anyone. And they finished the conversation by asking me if had. I jokingly said, "It's been a long time." MMT

22- Today, my grandfather used 25 different coupons at the grocery store. Then he gave the money he saved to the bag boy as a tip. He does this almost every Sunday because he says he “likes to see people smile.” MMT

23- Today, I walked my daughter down the aisle. Ten years ago I pulled a 14 year old boy out of his mom's fire-engulfed SUV after a serious accident. Doctors initially said he would never walk again. My daughter came with me several times to visit him at the hospital. Then she started going on her own. Today, seeing him defy the odds and smile widely, standing on his own two feet at the altar as he placed a ring on my daughter’s finger MMT.

24- Today, my son showed up to the diner for our weekly lunch date a few minutes late without a baseball cap on. “I can’t even remember the last time you showed up without a cap,” I said. “Actually, it’s kind of a funny story,” he said. “I’ve never told you about him, but every week on my walk here a homeless man who hangs out in the park down the street compliments my hat. So today, I stopped and talked to him for a few minutes. I found out that his name is Kyle, and I decided to give Kyle my hat. He was so happy. And next week when I walk by we’ll have matching hats.” MMT

25- Today, a young teenage boy was in line in front of me at Target. He used a gift card to buy two video games. The cashier, an older woman probably in her late 60’s, rang him up and informed him that he had $12 remaining on his gift card. “Oh, wait then,” he said as he ran two isles over and grabbed a $10 bouquet of flowers. As the cashier added the flowers to his order the boy handed them to her and said, “These are for you.” The cashier could not wipe the smile off her face, even after he left. MMT

26- Today was the 10 year anniversary of my dad’s passing. When I was a kid he used to hum a short melody to me as I was going to sleep. When I was 18, as he rested in his hospital bed fighting cancer, the roles were reversed and I hummed the melody to him. I haven’t heard that melody since and almost completely forgot about it until last night. My fiancé and I were lying in bed. We were turned on our sides looking at each other when he started humming the melody to me. He said his mom used to hum it to him when he was a kid. MMT

27- Today, a homeless man poked his head in the front door of our donut shop just before we closed for the evening. He asked for a tall glass of clean drinking water so he could share it with a friend who’s feeling “dehydrated.” I gave him two large cups of water and the 16 leftover donuts we had sitting in our display case. He was extremely grateful. And I watched as he walked outside to a homeless woman sitting out front. She smiled and gave him a huge hug. MMT

28- Today, I was sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich I made myself for lunch when an elderly couple pulled their car up under a nearby oak tree. They rolled down the windows and turned up some jazz music on the radio. Then the man got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side, opened the door for the woman, took her hand and helped her out of her seat, guided her about ten feet away from the car, and they slow danced for the next half hour under the oak tree. MMT

29- Today, a street performer tipped me $10. I'm a bellhop at a boutique hotel in Miami Beach. This street performer is always rocking a drum beat on trash cans, paint buckets, or any object that he can play like a drum set. He constantly performs at various locations around the neighborhood. He’s good at what he does and the tourists love him, so I’ve tipped him a few times over the years. He was walking by this evening as I was complaining to a coworker that I didn’t receive many tips today. He walked up, stuffed a $10 bill in my shirt pocket and said, “I received more tips than usual today, my friend. Have a great night.” MMT

30- Today, I woke up late and decided that I’d just do my makeup quickly in the office restroom before I started work. On my way into the office, as I was hurrying to the restroom, I received two sincere compliments on my appearance from two separate colleagues. One of them actually said, “I love the lighter make-up today, it really brightens your smile.”MMT

31- Today, I told my 18 year old grandson that nobody asked me to prom when I was in high school, so I didn’t attend. He showed up at my house this evening dressed in a tuxedo and took me as his date to his prom. MMT

32- Today, 15 years after the accident that caused his loss of vision, my brother is a full-time jazz pianist for the city symphony. He’s always smiling and tells me he loves his life. Prior to the accident, before he concentrated all of his efforts on playing the piano, he was a full-time retail store manager and he was one of the most grumpy, negative people I had in my life. MMT

33- Today, my 88-year-old grandmother and her 17 year old cat are both blind. My grandmother’s guide dog leads my grandmother around the house, which is normal. But la
tely, he’s been guiding her cat around the house too. When her cat meows, he walks up and rubs against her, and then she follows directly behind him to her food, to the litter box, to the other end of the house for a nap, etc. MMT

34- Today, I was sitting on the steps of church waiting for a bus when I saw an old Catholic nun being assisted up the steps by a young man wearing a Muslim turban. Once they were at the top, the nun turned to the young man and said, “I can see both of our gods raise beautiful children. Thank you.” The young man smiled and nodded. MMT

35- Today, an 86-year-old man completed my diving certification course in Key West, FL. He said he wants his certification so he can dive at the Great Barrier Reef when he visits Australia in 2 weeks. “That sounds like fun. Are you a world traveler?” I asked. He laughed. “I was when I was your age. Actually, I was cleaning out an old filing cabinet yesterday. In it I found a list I made when I was 22 titled, ‘10 Things I Will Do Before I Die.’ Diving at the Great Barrier Reef is #10 on the list, and it’s the only one I haven’t completed.” MMT

36- Today, it’s been 10 years that our office janitor/maintenance man has been working at our company. Ever since he started, even as our small company grew from 12 people (when I started) to 118, he has given a small gift and card to every single one of his co-workers on their birthday. I actually just received my 10th gift and card from him last week. Today, for his birthday, the owner and CEO gave him a $25,000 bonus and threw him an after-work party. MMT

7- Today, I celebrated my anniversary. Not my wedding anniversary, I’m not married. I celebrated my anniversary of getting a second chance at life. Five years ago today I attempted suicide by overdosing on painkillers. To this day, based on the massive quantity of pills I consumed, my doctors cannot believe I'm alive and healthy. Some people don't even believe the story. But I'm glad. I almost don’t believe it myself. Because I’m happy now. And I realize how lucky I am to be alive. MMT

38- Today, I ran into an old high school student of mine at the hospital. She dropped out of my senior calculus class to have a baby. I felt bad for her at the time, because I knew how smart she was. I thought she was wasting her intelligence. I ran into her at the hospital today because she is now an ER doctor. MMT

39- Today, my mom received the surgery she needed to remove a malignant tumor from her abdomen. My family has been struggling without medical insurance since my dad lost his job last year. My sister and I have been openly discussing my mom’s medical dilemma on Facebook. Last week, a friend of a friend, who is a veteran cancer treatment surgeon who owns his own practice, saw our comments on Facebook and volunteered to help my mother for free. MMT

40- Today, an older man and woman walked in and sat at the bar in the five star hotel where I work. They were under-dressed and reminded most of the staff of the kind of cheap tourists that are demanding and tip poorly. Since I’m the newest waitress at the bar, my colleagues insisted that it was my duty to wait on them. So I did. It turned out the man and woman were the owners of the hotel (their son now runs the company… who we’ve all met before). They tipped me $100 bill and said they were going to put in a good word for me with their son. MMT

41- Today, as I pulled into my apartment complex I noticed my neighbor, who’s got to be about 8 months pregnant, struggling with her groceries. I stopped and helped her bring them up the stairs into her apartment. This evening, when I got home from the gym I found a freshly baked apple pie sealed in Tupperware sitting on my doorstep with a note that said, “I used the ingredients you helped me carry to bake this. Enjoy!” MMT

You don't need to have everything perfect around you, you just need few things to be grateful for and that's what you should hold onto. Below are some little stories from that got me to tears:

Today would have been the 127th day in a row that I visited her at the hospital as she rested in a coma. But last night I had a dream that she died, and I woke up in tears this morning and couldn’t bring myself to drive to the hospital to see her lying there like that. So I stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking of how I was going to have to learn to live without her for the rest of my life. And then my phone rang, and it was her. MMT

2- Today, ten years after I had six miscarriages in a row and was told I would never have kids – that my uterus was incapable of holding a baby past twelve weeks, I sat in my 8-year-old son’s bed to wake him for his birthday. Just sitting there, breathing with him, and knowing that I have my very own version of miracle MMT.

3- Today, I received a used book in the mail (an old novel from my favorite author) that I bought from a third party Amazon affiliated reseller last week. The description of the book’s condition said, “Name written on first page, otherwise in great shape.” But when I opened the book, the name written on the first page is the author’s signature. MMT

4- Today, I went in for an interview for a teaching position at a high school in South Florida. I felt like I recognized the male interviewer, who was the Math and Science department head. Then towards the end of the interview, after lots of small talk, it became clear that the interviewer was my biological father. My mom had taken me and abandoned him when I was 5-years-old, and it was the first time I’d seen him in almost 20 years. We went out for coffee afterwards and caught up. And I got the job, so now I’ll have a lot of time to get to know my father, MMT

5- Today it’s been 28 years since my mom dropped out of college to take care of me (I was an unexpected pregnancy). Then came my brother, and then my sister, and then my youngest sister. My mom has been busy for a long time. But this afternoon my siblings and I joined my dad in applauding her as we watched her walk the stage to receive her bachelor’s degree. “I’m so proud to be finishing what I started so long ago,” she told us afterward. MMT

6- Today, I came across my mom’s old journal in the attic. I read a few entries, and they were quite depressing. My mom has always been such a positive influence in my life, so I had no idea her past was so troubled. The final entry was written the day before I was born. I told my mom I found her journal, and asked her why she stopped keeping a journal after I was born. She said, “I found happiness. I finally had something amazing to live for.” MMT

7- Today, I was sitting on a park bench waiting for my mom to come pick me up. I was playing with my phone when I looked up to see a homeless man walking down the sidewalk in front of me. We made eye contact and he asked, "Can you spare a smile?" His question caught me off guard and instantly made me smile. And he replied, “Thank you!” and then he walked on. MMT

8- Today my Ex husband asked me to marry him, I said yes. We were married when I was 19, divorced later on and then our lives somehow lead our hearts back together. We are going to be married in 2 weeks, on what could have been our 16th wedding anniversary. Our children cried with joy when we told them today. MMT

9- Today, I was feeling really down at my job as a cashier and just having an all around bad day. Just wanted to go home. Halfway through my shift a nice woman in my line, who's face I know but not her name, tells me how sweet I am and says "You must be the nicest, prettiest cashier they have here! I don't know why you're not out modeling." She made my night - made my week, really. The simple kindnesses that someone can bring to another MMT.

10- Today, I let someone touch my wrist without jumping away. I grew up with an abusive dad, and he would grab me by the wrists when he was going to start beating me, so I got used to flinching away. But today, my friend - who's really my sister more than any family I've had - laid her hand on my wrist without either of us thinking about it. As she pulled away, I realized I hadn't jumped at her touch. Real family and real growing from who I was MMT

11- Today, after he finished giving his valedictorian commencement speech at his college graduation ceremony, he walked off the stage directly over to me, hugged me for a minute straight, and said, “Thank you for adopting me when I was five, and being the biggest inspiration a child could hope to have in a dad.” MMT

12- Today, 20 years after my cancer went into remission, as we rested in bed after returning home from our son’s college graduation ceremony, my wife reminded me of the night I said, “I just hope I’m around long enough for my son to remember me.” MMT

13- Today, after six straight years of trying to have a child, my husband and I were blessed to adopt our one-year-old son, but this afternoon after feeling strangely ill all week, the shock of our lives came when we found out that we will now be the proud parents of two sons. MMT

14- Today, out of all the “thank yous” I’ve received from others in my life, when my once abused and very timid shelter cat snuggled up on my lap this evening, I realized it might be the “thank you” I'm the most proud of. MMT

15- Today I realized how amazing my life is. I spent the majority of high school with no friends, or friends out of pity. But now I'm in college and I have a best friend who truly cares. And this summer after I temporarily moved away to a new city, she called me every single day for several weeks straight so I wouldn't get home sick. Growing up and finding a real best friend MMT.

16- Today, my fiancé has been looking for a job for over 6 months. Through the Army, he has found a passion for working with helicopters, and he has been trying to find a job in that field. He finally decided to give up on his dream, and go back to school - something he was dreading. This morning he submitted his application to a college. This afternoon, his dream job called and made him an offer. MMT

17- Today, as I watched him prepare to go out to celebrate his 18th birthday with his girlfriend, I remembered that night when he was born early at only one pound and six ounces. Somehow, even in that moment when doctors thought he wouldn’t, I knew my son would live. MMT

18- Today, these two big gangster looking guys were hanging out at the bar of the restaurant where I was eating. They didn't see me sitting tucked away in the booth adjacent to them. I overheard them discussing the fact that “nothing is more sexy than a woman's confidence” and “how great inner-beauty is.” They went on and on about it for almost an hour. It was unexpected and it made me smile and MMT.

19- Today, my best friend got into a car accident that left her with a concussion. For a short time she couldn't remember anything that had happened before waking up in the hospital bed, she didn't even know who her own mother was. But when I walked into her hospital room, she looked up at me and said, "Megan, thank you for coming to see me." That was the first smile I haven't faked in a long time. MMT

20- Today, as usual, my bus driver said good morning to every student who got on her bus. Even though most kids don't respond, she persists. I’m usually one of them those kids. But this morning I was having a rough time due to some family issues at home, and as I was waiting at the bus stop with light tears in my eyes, I realized that my bus driver’s “good morning” greeting was something I was really looking forward to. So when she said it to me, I gave her a hug and finally said, “Thank you!” MMT

21- Today, it’s been a month since my wife spotted an injured stray cat on the side of the road that had been hit by a car. We pulled over, picked it up, and brought it to the animal hospital we take our dog to. The hospital admitted the cat and said they’d care for it free of charge. This morning we got a call that the cat was back on its feet, as sweet as can be, and looking for a permanent home. Right now he’s curled up on my lap. MMT

22- Today is my birthday. I am the only girl in my Computer Science II class at school, and I have been teased by some of the guys for it (in a friendly way). But I still baked cookies for every one of them on their birthday (something I love to do anyway). Today I was expecting nothing, but when I walked into class today, 7 of the guys had brought in cookies they baked for me, without talking to each other about it. It made my whole year. MMT

23- Today, I finally stopped being foolish and called an old best friend I hadn't talked to in over a year. He singlehandedly got me one of the toughest times of my life, and in my depression I lashed out at him and dropped him from my life for selfish reasons. He answered the phone with: "Ready to pick up where we left off?" It instantly made me smile. Jason, you MMT.

I can't remember myself being happy as I was a child, not exactly because I had a difficult childhood, but I was a bit sensitive and I couldn't let go of the small stuff. But now that I'm a grown up I know that I can decide to be happy or not. When I first got into a relationship, I wanted to change, my partner was a great motivation for me to be a better me, therefore, I was willing to learn, and I've learned that I got to be happy on my own, so I tried hard... but I failed. So I figured out that I needed not only to change myself and my attitude but I needed also to change something else. I needed to change the things that was holding me back from being happy. For me it was my partner, I wasn't happy with him, I was more like miserable. I figured out that a relationship that is making me miserable isn't worth keeping, the same goes to a job you're hating and is making you miserable or anything else you can change. I broke up and here I am being happy again, I can see the change in me and in my life each day bit by bit. Below are some ways that helped me to get out of depression:

1- Start with a change:

 "The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness."
  Depression needs a big change, and not just temporary stuff to make you forget about it. If you want to overcome a depression, you might first look for the reasons why you're depressed. If you're not happy in your life, than something is wrong, it might be a job, a relationship, some people that are making you miserable. So you might consider distancing yourself, or better yet change it if you can, a change is really needed to get out of a depression, because nothing will ever change until you change something.
2- Have a talk with a close friend: Sometimes when you feel depressed, all you need is a good talk with someone you can trust. Go out with a friend, a close one, someone you love being with and have that talk. As being single for a while, it was easy for me to get depressed, because I used trust no one but my boyfriend, and when we broke up, I was left with no one close, no one I can open to. I then realized how important is to have friends, close one, and not to let your world turn around your partner.
3- Stop setting conditions for your happiness: Don't let your happiness depend on someone else, you're a grown up enough to handle your moods and if you can't then you'll learn how, but as long as you're depending on others you can't learn to be happy on your own and cheer your mood each time you feel low!

4- Setp out of your insecurities: Why not stop looking for happiness and try this, try to make as much people happy as you can. Forget about your feelings and moods, it'll handle itself! Forget about your desires and needs, it will never get satisfied! Let's be superheroes, let's make the world a brighter place and try to leave the people we meet a little happier. We rise by lifting others.

I want to stop rushing, trying to take the most from life, I don't want to get any more, I want to start giving, to be the reason why someone is smiling.

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