35 Simple Ideas To Change Yourself Completely

We build our life with our habits, the habit you choose, is the life you build, so below is a list of good habits to add to your life to make the change you want:

1- Read every day.
2- Learn a new language.
3- Pick up a new hobby.
4- Take up a new course.
5- Create an inspirational room.
6- Overcome your fears.
7- Level up your skills.
8- Wake up early.
9- Have a weekly exercise routine.
10- Start your life journal.
11- Write a letter for your future self.
12- Get out of your comfort zone.
13- Put someone up to a challenge.
14- Ask for feedback.

15- Stay focused with a to-do list.
16- Acknowledge your flaws.
17- Get into action.
18- Learn from people who inspire you.
19- Quit a bad habit.
20- Cultivate a new habit.
21- Avoid negative people.
22- Learn to deal with difficult people.
23- Start a blog about personal development.
24- Get a mentor or a coach.
25- Reduce the time you spend on chat programs.
26- Learn chess or any strategy game.
27- Stop watching TV.
28- Start a 30-day challenge.
29- Mediate.
30- Join toastmasters ( learn public speaking ).
31- Let go of the past.
32- Start a business venture.
33- Show kindness to people around you.
34- Read at least one personal development article a day.
35- Commit to your personal growth.

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