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How to Reach Financial Freedom: The 5 Most Important Secrets to Financial Freedom

Money is one of the most issues adults worry about. It makes people feel less secure and deprives them, as a result, of happiness. The good news is that financial independence isn’t a matter of luck, it can be easily attained with these few keys to wealth.

1. Choose abundance:

Often, self-limiting beliefs and fears are what hold us from being rich, because of this negative pattern, we seem to refuse opportunities and we focus on the fact that we’re poor and don’t deserve wealth. 

The fact is there is no real shortage, you live in an abundant universe where there is enough money for anyone who’s willing to receive it. 

Most of the rich people, started off penniless and this is why you need to believe that you too can do it. Analyze yourself and determine your biggest block, it can be the fear that money might make you sad because you knew someone who was rich and having lots of problems and so in your subconscious mind, you decided that money makes people sad. 

Rationalize that block and let it go. “Money goes where it is loved and respected. The more positive emotion you associate with your money, the more opportunities you will attract to acquire even more.”

2. Your most valuable asset is your earning ability

How much time and money you invest in improving yourself will largely determine your earning ability and how wealthy you become. 

Many people on the payroll spend most of their working time in activities that have nothing to do with their jobs like socializing, making phone calls, taking extended coffee breaks and other unproductive activities. 

The thing is, if you do more than you’re paid for, you’ll never be paid as much as you are now. Hard work pays off, so work harder, start off earlier and stay later and work all the time you’re working. 

Most importantly, never stop learning and improving your skills, the time spent learning can save you so much time and effort in your work. 

Read in your field, listen to audio programs and attend workshops.

3. Longterm perspective:

It has been proven that the longer is the time perspective of the decision-making, the higher the person rises in society. This means that self-made rich people make decisions and sacrifices in the long term that may not pay off for many years and sometimes not in their own lifetimes. 

Like doctors who would study for ten to twelve years in order to become a doctor, usually, because of such sacrifices, people would appreciate them and admire them more than any professional group. 

On the other hand, average people have the shortest time perspectives, they think in terms of the next day or the next week. In other terms, no one likes getting up earlier, working harder and staying later, but successful people would still do it because they’re looking for pleasant results, while unsuccessful people are looking for pleasant methods.

Being a long term thinking enables you to organize your life and set goals and ambitions in your mind, and then your decisions and choices become aligned with those goals that will soon become a reality. 

4. Saving ten percent or more of your income

A secret to financial freedom is to save ten percent or more on every single paycheck throughout your lifetime. 

If you’re in debt, make sure you pay it off as soon as you can before interests accumulate, then start saving and never touch that money, so if you want to buy a house or a car, set up another fund for that purpose. 

This is what we call “pay yourself first”.

People, often, think that by increasing their incomes, their financial problems will be solved, it turns out that your expenses always rise to meet your income. 

When you start making more, you upgrade your lifestyle and you start spending more. 

The solution is to increase your saving rate with the increase of your income, that way you won’t get the chance to get accustomed to the new income and your expenses will increase at a slower rate than your income.

5. Investigate before you invest:

As hard as it is to make money, it’s quite easy to lose it. 

The rule is to spend as much time investigating as it took you to make that money you want to invest. 

Ask and look for enough information and if you still have a doubt you’ll probably be better off keeping your money in the bank. If there is a possibility that you will lose your money, don’t part with it in the first place. 

Think of your money as a piece of your life, you’ve had to exchange so many hours of your life for that money.


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