10 Things Happen When You Take The Full Responsibility Of Your Own Life!

by - October 15, 2015

We've come here alone to only leave alone, getting support and help from other people, shouldn't make you believe that it's your own right, or that people owe you anything! they don't, and when you get any kind of help, you should show gratitude, some things doesn't happen until you take full responsibility of your own life and below are some examples of it:

1- You'll stop complaining: 

Because you know that no one is responsible for where you're now in life but you! whether you're getting ahead or staying in your place it's only your choice. Instead of complaining, be grateful for what you have!! you already have more than what you "think" you miss, and when I say you "think", I mean that it's only in your head, once you decide that you don't need anything else to be happy, you will, just that simple.

2- You'll stop expecting things from others: 

No one owes you anything, what you want to do, you got to do it by yourself, no one is supposed to be there for you or to provide you with anything not even your family or your friends or even your partner. Expectations can only lead to disappointments, rather appreciate what others are doing for you, without expecting! if someone is doing something for you, the least you can do is to not consider it as your full right, and show enough gratitude.

3- You'll start learning how to take care of your own needs without counting on others: 

You'll realize that you won't be able to take care of anyone else unless you can take care of your own needs! it means to be able to provide for yourself and to stand for yourself all alone.

4- you'll learn how to be happy: 

You'll learn how to enjoy your own life by your own ways, without expecting it from things or people! you'll find your inner peace to stand in front what so ever is up! you'll learn how to lift your mood up, because that's how you'll be able to lift others. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

5- You'll sociate more and you'll make strong relations: 

It would be strong relations because it won't be a beneficial friendship since you don't need anyone and all that you need is to help others and lift people.

6- You'll be more open to help people: 

You'll realize that we only rise by lifting others! you'll give up selfishness, and you'll be willing to leave the world a better place and make others' life a little brighter because that's what really matters. As you're getting older the only thing you'll regret is every single chance you was able to help someone and you didn't.

7- Your comfort zone will be something from the past: 

You'll realize the importance of fully living your life and you'll realize that nothing ever great grows from your comfort zone,  you'll value experiences and you'll be more excited to live your life to the fullest.

8- You'll start to enjoy every single minute of your days: 

As you're not waiting for anyone or counting on anyone, you'll value your present moment and you'll feel enough gratitude to appreciate your life more.

9- You'll stop stressing about things: 

Because you know that you're strong enough to handle whatever will come up in front of you, no matter how tough time will get, you know that challenges will only make you stronger and you'll take responsibility of the outcomes.

10- You'll stop overthinking of the future: 

Because you know that you'll stand in front whatever is going to come up and future will only mean something to get curious about!

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