8 Things To Keep In Mind If You Feel Like An Outsider

Everyone is unique. However, people usually find ways to relate to each other. Something that you might find yourself unable to do.
Different can be hard. You find yourself standing alone. Like an outsider. Below are 8 things to keep in mind if you feel like an outsider.


Society is biased toward the masse, and when you’re different from the masse, you feel rejected and oftentimes judged. People start pointing out your differences as if it makes you not good enough to be included. The truth is, as long as you’re being yourself, you’ll never be good enough for them. So quit trying to fit in.


Toxic people are everywhere, and in this life you'll meet plenty of them. The point isn't to avoid them, but to know how to deal with them, simply because you won't be able to avoid them all the time. Never seek others' approval. Convince yourself that you're good enough no matter what people think of you. Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth! 


Finding yourself alone means that you’ll have to care for yourself. You won’t find people who are going to support you every day. This is why you need to support yourself and be your own cheerleader. Keep in mind that loving yourself is your job. No one can do it for you.


Be Brave. This is something you’re going to need to survive. Being different and standing out from the crowd takes lots of courage. Even if you’re afraid, do it anyway.


You’re probably an introvert even if you did know it. Welcome to our quite community. It’s not easy to fit in with others, but there will other things for you to enjoy like your creative side. You’re also a good listener and a loving person.


Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s easy to think that something is wrong with you when you feel like an outsider. And it’s only natural to work hard to fit in. the truth is, you’re unique and different and nothing is wrong with that. Direct your time and energy toward your own goals instead of trying to conform to other people’s standards. Remember that life isn’t a competition, it’s about being able to freely be yourself and live your dreams.


As an outsider, you’re a good observant. You’re not brainwashed to think and act like the masses. You think for yourself. You see and do things differently. Something that offers you a great awareness and the ability to see the big picture and not get lost in the details of everyday life.

“Being an outsider, to some extent … makes life difficult, but it also places you at an advantage as far as enlightenment is concerned. It takes you out of unconsciousness almost by force.” Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now p. 173)


You’re not alone. It’s easy to believe that you’re the only one who doesn’t seem able to figure out how to fit in. but you’re not. So reach out for your fellows. With the internet and social media, it’s easier now than ever to do so. Surround yourself with people like you and let them be your inspiration.

If you feel like an outsider, don’t try to twist and contort yourself to squeeze into the narrow definition of normal. Embrace your differences and rejoice in your uniqueness.

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome bren :) thx for passing by!

  2. I appreciate your perspectives on this matter, though it seems more relevant to the novice outsider. I’ve always been an outsider and have forged my way to being so proudly; I’ve made myself and refuse to be manipulated into anything else. My issue and what lead me here, is that I have yet to truly find a place in this world, even amongst other outsiders. My deadhead friends are the closest thing to family I’ve found. Grateful (pardon the pun) as I am for those connections, the past year I’ve been bombarded with instances of those I came to love (Truly, deeply, with understanding and supporting taking their rightful place over the criticisms, offensiveness and shaming we’re socially programmed to cast upon each other and ourselves), as well as expended major emotional and financial resources on, turn on me. They all projected false accusations at and abandoned me for reasons I can’t understand as they aren’t introspective, courageous, caring, remorseful or invested in their own growth enough to acknowledge their actions, apologize, speak to or face me, not that I bother pursuing such from them, as they’re clearly not as “kindred” as I so foolishly deemed and idealized them to be. I’m accustomed to existential crises, but this time is different. I’ve always recognized the demise my “otherness” would lead me to as being inevitable, but I’m not one to give up easily, so in the face of THAT reality I still search for someway to persist in this alien realm. My only option seems to rest in the same selfishness that I loath. In the face of this most recent trauma I already feel I’ve lost much of myself (temporarily at least), but must I convert to narcissism to survive here? Can I even? Or is my departure truly my only option? I’m searching for empowerment and my path forward. I fancy myself to be solution-oriented, so here I am, seeking some resolve, some relief from the torment of my existence in this heart-wrenchingly lackluster dimension and it’s even less desirable occupants. Thoughts?

    1. It seems like you’ve been betrayed by the ones you trusted and gave so much to.
      Do you believe that being “selfish” like them is the answer? Do you believe it’s going to make you feel less of an outsider? Do you think you didn’t set enough boundaries to prevent what happened?

  3. This was a great read and reminder that being an outsider is a great thing. It's okay to be different from others. It's okay to respect and admire those differences. And sometimes walking a different path in life can lead to some pretty awesome and unique destinations. --Ryan