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7 Meaningful Signs You're More Independent Than You Think You Are

We came into this world as total takers. We were dependent on our parents for survival. And even though we grew to be able to take care of ourselves, we’re not as independent as we may think. In fact, dependence is not just about food and money, it’s also about finding your happiness without depending on someone or something else. It’s true freedom. Below are some meaningful signs you're more independent than you think you are:

#1. You never blame anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having or feeling.

You know that the quality of your life isn’t altered by anyone else. You take full responsibility for your life. You know that whatever happens to you, is in a way, a result of your own thoughts and deeds, and that whatever unfortunate situation might present itself, is an opportunity for growth.

#2. You’re aware of when you’re not being independent.

It’s easy for one to lean back on someone or something and while nothing is wrong with seeking help and refuge, you risk becoming dependent. You’re constantly aware of when you’re not being independent. You always look out for signs you might have become attached to something or someone. Signs such as irritation, dissatisfaction, anger… are your clues that you need to regain your independence.

 #3. You pay attention to your self-talk.

You realize that negative thinking is a reflection of dependency. In a way when someone is thinking in a negative way such as complaining about or blaming someone or something, he believes that his happiness and contentment is dependent on that person or that thing. So whenever you find yourself thinking negatively, you take it a clue to remind yourself to change your way of thinking and start seeing things in a positive light.

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#4. You have a clear vision of what path you want to walk in this life and you act on it.

When it comes to your goals in life, you take full responsibility and you don’t wait for someone else to set them for you. You don’t do what everyone else is doing and you don’t let anyone tell you what you need to do. You keep a clear vision of what path you want to walk in life, you set goals that will get you closer to your destination and you act on it. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what that destination looks like, you start anyway and things get clearer for you along the way.

#5. You don’t believe a relationship is what you need to become a happy person.

You believe strongly in being happy when you’re single before getting into a relationship. You strongly believe that it’s one’s job to love himself before expecting someone else to love him. So you enjoy your life as it comes. You don’t mind being alone, but you also enjoy a healthy relationship when you meet the right person for you.

#6. You’re passionate about everything you do.

Because you don’t wait for someone to help you, or to take something over from you, you give it your all. Whatever you’re doing, you do it passionately, whether it was a project you’re working on, a goal you’ve set for yourself…

#7. You’re not afraid to be yourself.

You don’t strive to conform to society’s standards. And because you don’t anyone’s approval, you feel free to be yourself. You realize that if you’re going to have friends and a support system, you’d rather have people who support you for who you are and not for someone you’re pretending to be.


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