9 Important Tips To Help People With Anxiety Carry On

by - May 21, 2017

Anxiety is a common condition, many of us feel it but in different levels especially when faced with situations that pushes us out of our comfort zone, we almost face those situations daily, at work, at school... It’s a normal reaction until it becomes extreme. But the point is, it’s okay to feel anxious because all you have to do is learn how to manage your anxiety. Below is a short list of tips that can help you manage your anxiety and perform more efficiently:

1- Now worried is better than scared, but concerned is even better. You might feel a certain way, you want to put it into a word, and whatever was your choice of words, you’ll feel exactly as the word you chose sounds, for that you’ll have to be accurate, more like less dramatic, might I say. Think more rationally, and don’t exaggerate.

2- Shut it down in your mind and it will cease to exist. It goes for everything sounds, people, feelings, pain… just stop thinking about it. For a second stop thinking about how uncomfortable you feel and try to enjoy the moment. For a moment stop worrying about how you look, and start noticing the world around you.

3- People are good as long as you think they’re good, and they’re bad as long as you think they are. What you expect is what you get, for that, expect the best from people. Instead of thinking that they’re out there to do you harm keep in mind that everyone is self-centered, at different levels and at different times, but still. Just like you, they’re thinking and worrying about themselves. People are quite simple to understand; each one of them is centered on himself while thinking that everyone out there is focused on him.

4- Singing and humming can ease it for you. It’s a distraction, since we’re focusing on ourselves already a little more than necessary, one can always use some distraction every now and then.

5- When you can’t feel good about yourself, remember than the purpose of your existence is to make the world a brighter place and others’ lives a little better. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you feel about yourself in that particular day, but what you do for others and for yourself. Such attitude will take your focus off yourself and directed, instead, toward other useful things you can do.

6- Keep in mind that you don’t have anything to hide from anyone, for no one knows you. You are not your deeds, your thoughts, you’re not what you said or what you look like. You are much more than that. No one knows you for real, for you’re a new person every day, with every thought. We mostly fear the fact of being bared to someone, especially those who know you, but if you keep in mind that no one can know you that well, you eventually won’t have anything to fear showing, you’ll feel more at ease to be yourself.

7- Try to look good from the outside and eventually, you’ll feel much better about yourself from the inside. Confidence is the key, wear something comfortable and chic at the same time. Wear something you love and take care of your hygiene.

8- You don’t need to fix your life, you just need to live it. What good is a life if you don’t get to live it. Most of our problems aren’t real, they’re just in our minds, so stop trying to sort everything out.

9- Don’t watch people. One gets anxious when being in a group of people, or in public because he thinks that others are watching him. Well, keep in mind that everyone is self-centered, you don’t matter to them like you do to yourself. If you cease watching for who’s watching you, you’ll cease worrying about them, instead you’ll think that everyone is minding himself. It’s all about the way you see it.

These were small actions that, added up, will make a huge difference.

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