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40 Self-Care Ideas for Coping With Life

Self-care should be a lifestyle and not only when you’re overwhelmed and stressed out. We can get busy, especially on weekdays, but whenever you have some time, make sure you care for yourself. Below are a few ideas of self-care activities to inspire you.


#1. Drink more water.

#2. Take a nap without an alarm clock.

#3. DIY or fix something around the house. Engage your hands.

#4. Develop a relaxing evening ritual. Take a bath and put on a face mask.

#6. Breathe deeply.

#7. Get a massage.

#8. Go out and spend 10 minutes under the sun.

#9. Go for a bike ride to nowhere in particular.

#10. Go to bed early.

#11. Take the stairs whenever you can.


#12. Read a book for 20 minutes every day.

#13. Listen to a podcast about a topic that interests you, but you have yet to explore.

#14. Listen to audiobooks while driving.

#15. Write down your thoughts. So you can give your brain a break from over-thinking.

#16. Avoid toxic people and surround yourself with supportive people.

#17. Unsubscribe from email lists and unfollow on social media.

#18. Attend a support group.

#19. Say « NO » more often.

#20. Never complain about anything. If you like something say you like it, if you don’t, just move on to something else and don’t think about it.

#21. Take another route to work, or do a routine differently.

#22. Learn how to make a budget and keep track of your money.

#23. Use online tutorials to learn a new skill (i.e., cutting your own hair, DIY…).

#24. Learn the basics of a new language.

#25. Declutter and donate what you don’t need.

#26. Clear up your work area.

#27. Fill your room or desk with inspirational and motivational material.

#28. Make your bed. Big accomplishments start with small ones like making your bed.

#29. Reward yourself for completing small tasks.

#30. Tell your pet all of your darkest secrets. Your pet's nonchalance will remind you that you’re going to be okay.

#31. Need someone to listen? Use 7cups of tea. It’ll provide you with trained listeners who are willing to lend you a caring ear.

#32. Go on a two-day holiday for the weekend.

#33. Take yourself on a date like going out to see a movie. 


#34. Start your day with gratitude.

#35. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say from your heart « I love you».

#36. Recite some positive affirmations.

#37. Find a quite place and meditate for at least 10 minutes.

#38. Write a review of a business (restaurant, shop…) you like or a positive comment on someone’s social media. Spread some positivity. It's contagious.

#39. Give and help others. See how good it feels to help others without expecting reciprocation.

#40. Forgive others who have hurt you in the past.


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