75 Things You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

« You don’t need more space, you need less stuff » - Joshua Becker

People might think that happiness can be found in the next purchase. Little do we know that happiness can come from owning less. In my journey looking for happiness, I found out that I’m happiest when I own less and when I work on having fewer needs. A great step toward reaching a simpler life, is decluttering and below is a list of things to give away or throw away :


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1. Old belts

2. Damaged handbags and handbags you didn’t use in the past year

3. Uncomfortable bras and lingerie you never wear

4. Stained or holey clothes

5. T-shirts with faded or cracking print

6. Clothes that don’t fit anymore

7. Clothes you didn’t wear in a year

8. Clothes that are out of fashion

9. Broken shoes or shoes that you didn’t wear in a year

10. Excess gym clothes (always keep one week’s worth)

11. Socks without a pair

12. Highschool jerseys

13. Single earrings and broken accessories

14. Your wedding dress

15. Out of fashion sunglasses


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16. Expired makeup

17. Mascara older than 6 months (risk of eye infections)

18. The perfume you don’t wear

19. Hairdryer attachments you don’t use

20. Old toiletry bags

21. Skincare products you don’t use

22. Duplicate grooming items (brushes, nail scissors…)

23. Hair products you haven’t used in the past 6 months

24. Stretched-our hair elastics

25. Shower caps with loose elastic

26. Old contact-lens cases

27. Kids bath toys that are mildewed

28. Moldy sponges or loofahs

29. Broken scales


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30. Broken appliances

31. Plastic containers that are missing their lids or cracked

32. Baking dishes you never use (specialty shaped birthday cake tins…)

33. Old recipe books

34. Extra salt and pepper shakers

35. Expired spices and herbs

36. Expired coupons

37. Takeaway menus you never use

38. Extra water bottles

Kids room

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39. Toys they no longer play with

40. Stuffed animals, keep one favorite

41. Clothes that don’t fit them anymore

42. Outgrown shoes

43. Colouring and activity books they’ve completed

44. Broken chalks and dried-out felt pens

45. Dress-up costumes that don’t get used

46. Puzzles with missing pieces

Office and library

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47. Cords that don’t fit any electronics in the house

48. Chargers for items you no longer use

49. Old phones and tablets you no longer use or broken

50. Out-of-date calendars, old planners and old notebooks

51. Old receipts and bills

52. Anything that doesn’t work and is gathering dust in the corner

53. Old name badges

54. Books you’re never going to read or books you’ve read but didn’t love

55. Old magazines and newspapers

56. Travel brochures

57. Old birthdays and Christmas cards

58. Old electronics

59. DVDs you’ll never watch

60. X-Box or Playstation games your kids don’t play

61. Phone books

62. Remotes that don’t match with anything in your house

63. Instruction manuals for appliances you no longer own

64. Board games you no longer play


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65. Junk mail

66. Expired medicines and vitamins

67. Home decor items that don’t match your new home or that you don’t like anymore

68. Leftover themed party supplies

69. Empty boxes: shoeboxes, product packaging boxes…

70. Worn or creased gift bags

71. Excess vases and picture frames

72. Old posters

73. Fridge magnets you don’t use

74. Unwanted gifts

75. Unused flower posts


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