To My Dear Sensitive Self: Motivational Vibes Every Sensitive Soul Needs

"Sensitive suffer more, but they love more and dream more"

Being sensitive shouldn't make you feel ashamed, it's your character, it's what makes you unique, and we meant to be unique and different, you're worthy and you should be proud of the good heart you have, though people out there are rude you're not supposed to be rude like them, you're supposed to be you, if you're good, then do good!

I know that all these emotions you have inside, are holding you back every time you decide to let go and bring peace into your life, I know that you're so afraid of trying all over again to let go this hate, anger and jealousy you're feeling because you're afraid of another heartbreak!

You should know that finding it hard to let go while others can do it easily, doesn't meant that you're not able to let go, it just means that you need an extra effort to do so, because you're sensitive and your emotions are deeper than anyone else, but letting go though all of this, that's a huge thing to be proud about! you need to be patient and brave to try again each time you fail! 

Being sensitive, is something so romantic, so pure, it means that you have the purest heart, but at the same time it means that you'll have a lot of sad moments!

Since no one is perfect, you need to accept your character, you need to look to the bright side of it, which means being different, being special and being true in a fake world!

And for the motivation, just accept that you need a constant one, more than others do need it! have that habit of motivation, read motivational articles, watch motivational videos, and have a motivational board on Pinterest

Control your thoughts, because we create our world with our thoughts, what we think about is what will manifest on the outside, when you think positively, you'll have a positive life, you'll see the good about every situation and you'll forget about all these tiny negative things.

Some day it will get easy to live with your emotions! and you'll know how to use it in the right way because what you have is worthy! it's hard to find a good heart these days! Don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself, you worth it!

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