We Grow From Pain: 9 Things To Remember Whenever You're Facing Pain

I know that it's really demotivating to go through such tough times, there's a huge amount of challenge, and that's so tiring, but you should know that only through challenges that we grow up and learn, it's an opportunity to get even stronger and happier, all you need is some patience with hard work and persistence. Below are some important things to remember whenever you're experiencing a painful situation:

1- We love to stay the same, but things around us keep pushing us to grow up and to change, which is uncomfortable, yet it is so important, because your future self will thank you for choosing to grow up and change. All what it takes is to be stronger than these negative thoughts that are holding you back!

2- It's only the view from where you sit that makes you feel defeat. Life is full of many aisles, so why don't you change your seat?

3- Any of your problems won't be solved itself, you need to face it, admit it and find a solution and for what you have no control over, just let it go!

4- Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going You were born to do it! no matter how scared you are, the only way to get stronger is to do it, do it anyway and keep going till the end. Just know that, when you truly want success, you'll never give up on it, no matter how bad the situation may get.

5- Never quit there are a lot of successful people out there, yet many of them had been failing for years, before they made it, many of them had been working every day and every night, and getting nothing but rejection for years, and the reason why they made this success today is that because they didn't quit!

6- When you fail, you only get stronger, you won't loose and you won't get backward, but you'll learn and you'll do it even better and that's what failure is all about, no regrets but lessons learned.

7- The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow, for every challenge encountered the is opportunity for growth. and life is like photography, you need the negative to develop. always have faith that after a big struggle there will be a huge success.

8- Your moods shouldn't affect your work, even when you're sad, hopeless, depressed.. you should keep working on your dreams. We all have wounds but you can't let that be an excuse to sit on the sidelines. sometimes in life you have to play in pain.

learn how to live with pain, it's pretty normal to hard some hard times but that doesn't mean to stop enjoying life and to start stressing and overthinking, we're way too stronger to let some challenges consume us.

9- Even when you're facing a hard time, keep smiling, look for the positive in every situation, life isn't about being in peace and in comfort all the time, it's about enjoying it though the hard times you'll face.

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." John Ruskin

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