9 Naked Truths Everyone In A Healthy Relationship Knows

A relationship is a work of two. Both you and your partner should be learning from your mistakes if you ever want to make things work out between you. And although you came to find out a great deal about your partner this far, you simply won’t stop learning. There will always be more to learn not just about your partner, but about your relationship and most importantly about yourself. Below are some important truths everyone in a healthy relationship knows:

1- You can't control your partner, not even blaming him for anything he did, for the simple fact that everyone is free and no one has the right to judge people. You can't ask your partner to compromise himself for you. It's a take it all or leave it all.

2- A relationship is a work of two, if you want to make it, then both of you need to put in the effort and show all the love and the care, if you want something to change in your relationship, then both of you need to change. It takes both sides to build a bridge!

3- When someone is feeling unloved, he’ll naturally look for the love somewhere else, it might not be with another partner, it might be in immersing himself in work or some hobby. An exit from the relationship. So, make sure your partner always feels loved. Ask your partner, what you can do that will please him and do it, and ask him the same. You’ll be amazed at what feeling loved can do to the relationship.

4- Wanting a partner to change, that, we do all the time. We keep trying and we believe strongly that if we insisted further more. Maybe they’ll give it a try and things will work just fine. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. One changes only when he feels like changing and not when he’s manipulated and asked to change, not when it comes to permanent change at least. And while your partner can get inspired to change, you’re least likely to be that inspiration. It might come effortlessly from a stranger, though. So, let go of the urgent need to make your partner change, instead, start with yourself.

5- Love is perfect, but we're not, that's why sometimes our relationship can be so painful... Love is a beautiful dream that crashes down in front of our selfishness. People don’t just fall out of love, but they no more feel loved and the relationship becomes troublesome thus, they cease to see any point from continuing. This can be avoided if both partners kept the love flame burning.

6- Love isn't blind, it's full of seeing, you see all his imperfections and you accept him just the same! You don’t love someone for the good traits he has but despite the bad ones.

7- Having a good relationship doesn't necessarily mean not to discuss problems, it's really healthy to find solutions together. But you need to do it the right way. It's not about the problems, it's about the way you discuss it. And when you want to discuss the problem you have to be rational, figure out what you really want and try to see things from your partner’s angle. No matter how bothering the problem is, never let it be much important than the person to be loved.

8- Don't expect happiness from a partner, happiness should come from within you. If you're not happy alone, you can't be happy in a relationship. A partner shouldn't make you miserable though. If the relationship becomes toxic to you, then maybe you should consider walking away.

9- To be in a relationship, makes growth inevitable. As uncomfortable as it seems, the outcomes are worth the effort. Always be open to change. For example, a complaint from your partner can be a clear clue to your partner needs. If your partner is complaining about you spending so much time working, it might be a sign that he/she is crying out for attention and more time spent with him/her.

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