5 Things You Need To Tell Yourself If You Truly Want To Succeed

No one wants to feel left behind or to look back at his life and see almost no accomplishments worth mentioning. Then what’s holding people from accomplishing their goals when that’s what they really want? well it’s because working on your goals can be painful, especially at the beginning, and we don’t like to feel pain, we want to feel comfortable. It becomes hard for us to keep our focus on the success ahead of us and we only consider the short-term pain and efforts will have to put in. Below are some important things you need to tell yourself if you truly want to succeed:

1- It may take some time, but time will pass anyway:

Success is a lifestyle, a way of living, it's your daily routine, your habits your thoughts and your attitude all added up day in and day out and that's how success is built. It might seem like things are getting too long, but in a year, you will look back and wonder when all of that had happened.

2- Ignore the doubters:
When you’re taking action on your dreams, the least thing you should expect is others’ support, not just that, but also be prepared to be doubted and talked out of your dream. This is a normal reaction, no matter what society you live within, for the simple reason, is that your dream is a vision in your head, an idea you believe strongly in it and until it’s turned into action and others could see the results, no one is going to believe in it except for you. But remember, your dream is worth more that others’ approval.

3- It's about practice and repetition:

To do it is a thing but to believe that you can do it is a whole different thing. They say it’s not hard to make a million dollar, but it’s hard to believe you can make it. anything that was worth having didn’t come easy, and just because successful people talk only about their success, and rarely do they mention the hard work and the failures behind that success, that doesn’t mean that their success had come easy with no pain whatsoever.

Everything is hard at the beginning, but once you do it enough, you’ll eventually get good at doing it and things gets easier for you that you almost forget about the pain and effort you had to put in to get to where you are now.

4- He who says he can't, and he who says he can are both right:

He who can’t imagine himself succeeding, can’t succeed. It’s not just how capable you are, it’s you believing in yourself. Keep in mind that you have everything it takes to succeed. Then take action because you won’t know how ready you are until you start doing it. Then keep on doing it and see how things get easier and easier, and here, you proved to yourself that you can.

5- We need a motivation, a constant one:

Our actions are the result of a motivation, and working on your dreams or getting things done isn't about being in the mood for that or not and feeling like it, but it's about having enough motivation to do it. So, when you lack motivation, try to get some, read an article, watch a motivational video or read some motivational quotes. Remind yourself of the reason why you started all this. Remind yourself of the results and the benefits of your success.

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