8 Things You Need To Tell Yourself First Thing In The Morning

One single powerful thought can make your whole day, so never underestimate your thoughts, below are some things you need to tell yourself first thing in the morning:

1- What are the dreams I'm living for?

When looking for motivation, ask yourself first what are the dreams and goals that you needed motivation for, we often get motivated to do nothing! and when you don't have dreams and goals you're not living, you're just existing.

2- It's worth the pain:

Remember nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it! work on your dreams as if you'll live forever, but live as if you'll die tomorrow! 

3- I don't need others approval to feel good about myself:

Life is too short to wait for others' approval, count yourself as fortunate if you’re ready to transform yourself and your life, but make sure your life is changed by your choices, not because someone else thinks that it’s a great idea. 

know your worth because when you do, you'll keep yourself away from anything that might hurt you, you take more care of yourself, and you'll keep yourself away from negativity and sadness! so never underestimate yourself.

4- I don't mind to feel discomfort:

We're not supposed to deny our moods, our feelings, our fears or our problems, we should admit it, then try to do something about it, but sometimes we need to let go, sometimes the best thing you can do, is to just keep yourself busy, not to think about it and to fake the smile, fake it until you make it! 

Don't hold yourself from living just because you're afraid that you may make a mistake, let it be and take the responsibility of your outcomes, you're strong!

5- I don't need a perfect moment to do it:

Do it now, you don't have to be in mood to do what you have to do! do it anyway, don't wait for the perfect moment, make the moment perfect! you won't realize that you've been ready for it until you do it.

6- I'm not what I used to be yesterday:

Make it a goal to be every day better than the day before, just make sure that you make better choices, that way the past won't interest you anymore! 

7- I'm allowed to make mistakes:

For that you're not supposed to be perfect, but you're supposed to learn and to grow up, this occurs only when you dare to try and to make mistakes, then take the full responsibility of your outcomes, you're strong enough to handle it all, Don't hold yourself just because you're afraid to make a mistake, the biggest regret isn't making a mistake, but not trying just because you're afraid that you make one.

8- It doesn't matter if I'm showing strength or not, as long as I'm not going to run away:

We keep telling ourselves constantly to stay strong whenever it's getting tough, to not stress about things and to stop worrying, we make these promises to smile no matter what, then, once we find ourselves facing a challenge, we get disappointed to not be able to manifest all the decisions we made, well it doesn't matter if you were strong or not, if you stressed or not, what you felt doesn't matter much because it only comes with practice, when you get used to living such situations, you'll learn how to face it better, but then what does matter now is that you didn't get backward, you stood there and you chose better each time.

And at the end of the day it only matters that you can say I had the courage to live a life that was truly mine and not the life other people wanted me to live. When you head to bed, tired from doing what you love, there you can say that you lived that day!!

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