6 Signs Your Partner Is Toxic I Wish I Had Known Before

The more you're mindful about the sings, the better you understand things. So today, I’m sharing a few singns that might tell you if your partner is toxic for you or not:

1- He doesn't miss a chance to point out your flaws:

He keeps reminding you of your flaws, and he might ask you to change too. 
Words are so powerful, though I know that no one is flawless and that love is full of acceptance, I used to believe my ex while he was pointing out my flaws, I used to feel bad about myself and like I don't deserve to be loved and cared about. Well, now I know that if his words would tell me anything, then it would be that he's a toxic partner and that the whole relationship isn't worth keeping.

2- You're not among his priorities:

Me: Why I don't have a place in your life? Him: you're in my heart! 

Does that sound romantic, I think it does not, because it certainly feels awfully bad, to have no place in his life, to have no importance, your presence and your absence would be the same for him since he has his own life. He is busy living a life that doesn't include you. It made me miserable day after day, and that made me always the wrong one, because I'm not being comprehensive to his circumstances, to his business (such as hanging around with friends).

I now, with my one know the difference, to be with someone who makes time for you even on those busy days, someone who would need you when he's free, and when he's busy, just the same!

3- He doesn't want you, but he wants something from you:

He just doesn't think of you seriously, he knows that the relationship will come to an end. He's with you as long as you fulfill a need, it can be sex or anything else. This isn't loving even if he manage to say it and show it sometimes, don't let it fool you. If it's based on benefits then the relationship isn't worth keeping, and your partner might be toxic!

4- He doesn't listen:

He doesn't care about your feelings, when you're facing a hard time and you want someone to talk to him, he might manage to say some comforting words, but then he's so busy to stay with you or to listen to you. Always busy for listening to you, or he just tell you that he doesn't understand. But it's simply because he doesn't care! 

I used to always give excuses for my partner, he would promise me to make sometime for me, to talk to me, I've been waiting for three years and he never made that time, I found no one to talk to about my feelings, because I thought that it only belonged to him, that this should be only told to him, and I got into a depression after a depression. I should've known better than to believe him!

5- Being with him makes you sad and irritated:

I know that we're in charge of how we feel, but sometimes there are things in you life that affects the way you feel. If your partner is making you irritated and sad, then don't blame yourself. It's not about you. II used to be so sad with my ex, because he simply was neglecting me and breaking my heart. 

Sometimes you know well that he's a toxic one for you, but you just can't let go because you think that he'll change, and maybe he'll become like when you first met, the one you fall with, which is probably an imaginary image. Sometimes we think that it's about us and that he did no harm to us, well, if someone is toxic for you, it doesn't mean that he's bad.

6- He wants his peace of mind:

He doesn't want to discuss the important things, not because he doesn't want to argue, but because he has no problem, and it wouldn't matter then if you had a problem. He refuses to take responsibility or the blame as long as everything is fine with him. 

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