8 Things To Remember When You're Feeling Down

They keep judging, criticising, making fun of you, and instead of feeling down, you rise above it all, because it's actually a pusher to do it despite their judgments, if it's not going to beat you down, then it will rise you up, below are some things you need to remind yourself with each time you're feeling down: 1- There's always a second time to do things better, and if there wasn't, make one! give yourself a chance to be better. 2- What others are thinking of you, saying about you or even doing to you isn't a problem, it won't take from you, or add to you anything, what you think about yourself and what you do is all that matters, but if what others are saying and doing is affecting you, then you have a problem, with yourself, not with others. 3- Sometimes all that you have to do, is to forget, not with alcohol, it would only make it worse, but by busying yourself in getting things done, sometimes you don't have to control everything, don't fight it, give it some time. 4- Every day you make a promise to go stronger to be better, then day after day, it seems like nothing is changing, everything is still the same, but when you look a year back, you'll see a great difference. 5- Think what you want, feel what you want, but act right, sometimes we can't control the way we feel or the thoughts we think, sometimes it's okay to let it be and to stop obsessing about it, trying to control it, sometimes you need to let yourself be scared, but then do it anyway, I'm sensitive and I can't help it, trying to control it made it worse, but trying to control the way I act did all the work! 6- No matter where you are, no matter how tough life is right now, never lose faith that things will get better. 7- Happiness isn't in living the way you think you should live, nor it is in what others think it is supposed to be, happiness is in enjoying every moment as it is. 8- don't feel bad for losing some people, not even for them hating you or judging you, you have a road to go, people will walk with you and leave you continuously, what does matter is your road and the person you grow to be.

life isn't that complicated, not like your mind thinks it is, it quite simple indeed and doesn't have to be all figured out. In a word, life goes on, it doesn't stop on a person, or event or a loss, it goes on and on, you forget some people and know new ones, you get hurt and mend your heart, you cry and laugh, you get afraid and then confident, happy and then sad, hopeful and then hopeless and it still goes on.

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