7 Signs You Have Met The One

The one isn't someone who is perfect, but he's rather someone you feel so happy and loved with, someone who completes you. He might not your first love, but he'll be your last, and today I'm sharing some sings you can tell in the first month that your relationship is actually going to last:

1- He understands you best and is willing to try to understand you further:

He can't read your mind, but he'll always let you and help you to express yourself. Always welcoming any chance to communicate, because simply he's willing to know you further more and understand you right. My ex used to make me feel bad each time I try to express myself saying that I'm complicating things and that I'm thinking too much. I believed him, I believed that my way of thinking is wrong and so I wanted to think like him until I met my one, who made me see how important for him to hear me and to know what I'm thinking about, he made me feel special and worthy.

2- You feel accepted fully when you're with him:

You feel free to be yourself, to show up your flaws without feeling insecure or too self-conscious, because he points out every good thing about you, until you believe that you're perfect and that you have no flaws. When I was with my ex he used to point out every single flaw, and each day I didn't look that good, he made sure to let me know it. That made me feel like I don't deserve him, like I don't deserve to be loved, and it made me want to change and hide every flaw in me, so that I meet his standards and become like he wanted me to be, though our imperfections are what make us unique and special. But my one made me feel too special, too worthy to be compared to anyone else, I felt like I deserve to be loved for who I am, I felt like I deserve to be accepted and respected the way I am.

3- You feel fulfilled:

The one will value your needs and try to fulfill it. While all I was asking for from my ex was to feel the love and affection, he didn't believe in romance, or maybe wasn't quite interested in it, which made me real sad. But my one made sure that he knows my needs and try his best to fulfilled, which I'm more than satisfied about it!

4- You feel happy deep inside:

You find it easy to cheer up and to smile, you feel always full of hope and you find a lot of excitement to live your life. A healthy relationship is a great motivation to work on your dreams. While when I was with my ex I used to find it hard to wake up in the morning, not wanting to do anything, with my one I wake up so excited to leave the bed and start my day, I wanted to do a lot of things and I got busy living my own life!

5- You share the same goals and religion, or you agree on your differences:

Having the same goals, opinions and religion isn't a condition for a relationship to work out, but to accept and respect your differences is a condition. I didn't have the same religion as my ex, nor the same goals. while I respected his choices and his way of thinking, he didn't, so he used to make fun of my religion each time he had the chance to. And with having my whole life affected by my religion, influencing in my opinions, my vision of life, my deeds and sayings, it was impossible not to feel overwhelmed by him making fun of anything in me touched by my religion, such life can't be bearable!

6- You feel important in his life and vise versa:

You feel like you're on the top of his priorities. You can see him trying to keep you close, he needs you and let you know that he needs you. He makes you feel like it's important for him to talk to you, to go out with you. He makes you feel like it's a need to have you in his life. And so you need him the same way.

7- It's fun to be together:

Being with him is your favorite thing, and something you can't get enough from it, you miss him so much and you can't let a day pass by without seeing him or talking to him and vise versa, he makes sure that you know and see how fun and important is to be with you.

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