How To Prevent Depression After A Breakup (5 Simple Steps To Get You Out Of Depression)


The hardest thing about heartbreaks, isn't the sadness you'll feel, nor the emptiness you'll sense, it's rather the hope you'll lose, that you may someday fall in love with someone else.

Often, we don't fear losing someone as much as we fear that a beautiful thing won't happen twice. We fear that we won't meet someone like him let alone better than him. Faith is real, but faith is not that easy. It's hard to believe in something that didn't happen yet!

The loss of a love partner, by death or breakup or divorce, can be too frustrating and drawn us into a severe depression. It’s understandable and quite normal to feel sad and grieve your loss. He’s not just someone you love, but also someone around whom your whole future is planned, and your day to day routine as well. It’s not just the places that remind you of him, but your thoughts that now are plain empty without him. Life feels meaningless, nothing left for us to feel excited about. And right now, it doesn’t seem possible that you can ever replace him.

These might be the thoughts you’re dwelling on right now, fresh after your loss, but it’s not exactly true. Below are some simple steps to prevent depression when being fresh out of a relationship:

1- Ask yourself “What good does it do you to depress yourself about it?”:

It’s clear that the relationship is now over and there’s no way back, you can’t do anything to start it up again. So, would depressing yourself change anything at all? Would it bring you back your former partner? Hardly.

2- Don’t dramatize the loss:

While it is true that losing someone you love is an inconvenient event, but being inconvenient doesn’t necessarily make it, awful, terrible or catastrophic, for these means that the related event absolutely mustn’t exist, and by viewing your loss as awful, you will tend to down yourself and make yourself severely depressed.

3- Try to think more rationally:

The loss as inconvenient as it is, can’t be catastrophic for there is always worse. When you start to view the loss rationally, as being unpleasant but not awful, you allow yourself to feel sad but not depressed and most importantly, you allow yourself to do something about it. You’ll be able to see clearly what went wrong in the relationship, what decisions to make to improve yourself or your choice regarding future relationships and you’ll be able to decide on the thing you can start doing now to enjoy your life without your former partner so that life will cease to feel empty.

4- You don’t have to feel bad about yourself:

When for example being rejected, it would be quite normal to find that inconvenient but again not exactly awful or catastrophic. If someone rejected you, what does it prove about you? Does it make less of a person? Hardly! You’re worthy, not because someone approves of you, but simply because you’re alive and you exist.

5- Find other interests:

It’s important to figure out other interests to fill in the empty place your loss had left not only in your life but also in you. Do the things you love and surround yourself with the people you love, your family, your friends.

To break up with someone you love might sound dramatic, but knowing that you've made the right thing would ease it. And day after day, you'll move on, but a different person. Make sure you take every good from your relationship, my Ex was such a kind, warm-hearted person, each time I act kind, I smile knowing that it's something beautiful he graved in me. Those people who come into your life, only to leave it a little brighter and leave you a better person, those are the ones you should be grateful for.

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