5 Signs You're Ready To Be In A Relationship

To break up and to have no chance to get back forever was a frightful thought for me, It was a big deal for me, it has been three years, I loved truly from the depth of my heart, he has been in every single thought night and day, we lived so many moments and I had so many memories, a lot of people, of places and things to remind me of him, every single song I've heard, every single thing we used to do together, I even found that the sole reason I was checking my phone and my social media's accounts was him, now each time I check the phone, I would realize that I'm trying to check on him, even though I can no more, nevertheless I know that regret is useless, I know that I've made the right thing and being apart was much better than being with him, I'm better off without him because I used to be sad with him, more like miserable, even if I think that it was something beautiful and that it might not happen again, I know that it will it always does! 

So how do you know that you're ready to be in a new relationship!

1- You're happy with yourself:

You feel complete though you're single, you never feel lonely though you're alone. You enjoy your own company and you think that you don't need a man to be any happier. 

In fact, if you're not happy when you're single, then you won't be happy when you're in a relationship! Happiness is supposed to come from within us, no one has anything to do with it, other way you're getting it wrong!

2- You know exactly what you're looking for:

You don't just look for someone who's going to attract your attention, but you're looking for things that you need. Everyone has his own needs, and nothing feels worse than being in a relationship where you don't feel fulfilled, other way, you'll be arguing all the time, or cheating on each other!

3- You realize that ain't no perfect relationship:

You know well that you're not perfect, that you have flaws and so your partner will, nevertheless, you're willing to accept and respect his flaws and cherish his qualities! 

You know that a relationship isn't to be fixed, but to be maintained, and you have no problem with letting go of the small stuff, because love is what matters!

4- You have your own life:

Your life isn't empty and you don't need a partner to fill it. You don't need a partner just because you're bored and your days seem to be the same. You know that your value doesn't depend on a partner! in a word, being in a relationship isn't your highest ambition!

5- You don't think of going back to your ex-relationship:

No matter how Adele's song sounds good, you don't think of going back to your ex. In fact, if a relationship came to an end, then it just wasn't meant to be, stop forcing it, if you think that things will change, then you're dead wrong, nothing really changes, no one changes, at least you shouldn't expect it for change happens by exception, it took me two relationships to understand this, even if you had a lot of good memories, even if you're missing your partner, it doesn't mean that you really want to be with him again!

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