47 Invaluable Lessons Books Taught Me

learning might be a notion that is attached to schools, and as soon as we cease going to it, we stop learning. In fact, learning has nothing to do with schools, it has all to do with you, as long as you're willing to learn you'll be learning from everything. Life can be your greatest teacher, and so books might be a great teacher as well, below are some lessons I've learned from reading books:

1- You can't make anyone leave. In the same way that you can't make anyone stay. They sat or they leave because of decisions they make, because of reasons that have to do with them, not because of something you do or don't do on a particular day.

2- Ignore what a man says, pay attention to what he does! men can really say all the right things, but then do all the wrong things, I wish I had known that sooner, at least I wouldn't feel this stupid to believe him all these years.

3- If you wanted something done right, you had to to it yourself. That applied to moral support, too. You should never lean on someone else, especially for moral support, you'll get disappointed otherwise! Easier said than done, though.

4- You need to improve your self-esteem yourself and not depend on a man to do it for you. The man leaves and your self-esteem goes out the door with him!

5- Being pretty doesn't automatically make you happy. Not the kind of happiness that lasts at least.

6- The dancing phobia sounds like people who have the naked dream. They're at work, or at dinner, and suddenly realize they're naked. But it's not really about being naked. It's about a fear of exposing your worst weakness, the something you're ashamed of, the something you believe nobody could love you for... if they knew.

7- Sometimes the most courageous thing to do is to move on.

8- It will get better. Maybe not much and maybe not right away, but you won't always feel like this.

9- You'll hate yourself if you don't try. There aren't any guarantees, but if you don't take the risk, there's no reward either.

10- Love doesn't change overnight, it can be killed or it can be nurtured. That's up to the people involved.

11- Some promises are best broken.

12- Being successful is good, but doing the things you love and being happy is much better.

13- The fantasy of spending your life with a partner who is unavailable is more exciting than spending your life with someone who does not love you.

14- The first step in healing is telling the truth. When you tell the truth, you acknowledge your losses. When you acknowledge your losses, you grieve about them. When you grieve about them, you let go of defining yourself by how much and how badly you've been abused. You begin living in the present instead of living in reaction to the past.

15- Love is the thing that makes forgiveness possible.

16- Life is rarely fair, but we can always cope and make out the best of it.

17- You shouldn't let one failed relationship or experience in general, keep you from taking risks and opening your heart again because that would be a real tragedy. You have so much potential, so much love to give. Don't be impulsive trying to avoid another mistake. Start taking chances again. If something feels right, try it. If someone feels right, open your heart.

18- Everyone needs a purpose, a passion that makes them want to get up in the morning. If you're finding it hard to wake up in the morning, then you probably should overlook your purpose.

19- mistakes often provide the cornerstone for getting the next phase of your life exactly right.

20- You might want to remember that you won't always have all the answers when it comes to your kids, but knowing when to ask for help and where to go to get it is sometimes just as important. 

21- The right man sometimes did come along just when a person stopped looking.

22- Mistakes are part of life. It's what you do to fix things that really matters.

23- People who loved deeply got hurt. They suffered terrible losses. It was unavoidable. But loving deeply was the only way to truly live.

24- The fact that peace and quite is fleeting and won't last is what makes it enjoyable, like life itself.

25- Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Nobody else is going to be able to if you don't first. It's a hard lesson that one, but important. If you love yourself, you won't let anyone hurt you.

26- Only one person can change your life, and that's you. Don't wait for anyone else to do it. Prince charming or otherwise. Be your own prince.

27- Fight for who you are. It takes a long time to find who you are, but when you do, take care of that person. She's one of the most precious friends you'll ever have.

28- Learn how to tell men you like them but aren't interested sexually. So important this one!

29- When you're annoyed, don't speak from that place inside yourself that nurtures all past hurts. That will just make it all worse. Speak out of love and a desire to make things better.

30- Learn how to say No. Practice. Say it at least once every day and you know what? You'll get better at it.

31- Sometimes you can't fix it. Other people, for example. You can't fix them. You just have to decide whether it's worth hanging around until they fix themselves.. or, if it's worth hanging around even though they may never decide to fix themselves. Your choice over the hanging around, but when it comes to the fixing, you have no power. There are times when you just have to let go. Letting go works for a lot of life actually.

32- What doesn't destroy you, makes you stronger. I just hope you don't have to go through that process in the first place. But if you do, it's true.

33- Life seems so long when you're in the middle of it, but when you know it's going to end soon, you realize how little time we have on earth. Don't waste it. Live for now. Not for tomorrow or yesterday. Now. You don't know what will happen tomorrow, and yesterday is gone? so all you have is this moment. Enjoy it.

34- Life has an odd way of doing that; giving you what you needed when you needed it. not wanted, your want didn't come into it. What and need were very different things.

35- It's sad that women were still judged on their appearance, and that the glory of being older and wiser was not worrying so much about the outward face but rather about the person inside. Women are brilliant and a few lines on your face shouldn't make you any less brilliant.

36- No cosmetic could make a person feel beautiful the way being loved did.

37- It's as if the world was divided into two camps: those in pain and those not, and the ones in pain could recognize it in each other's hollow-eyed and numb faces. In the right camp, you knew the people there understood. But among the untouched, the ones who hadn't lost everything, then you were utterly isolated.

38- There is no use pretending to be Cinderella and waiting for the prince to arrive. You had to be your own prince.

39- Your heart has to break before it can open up properly. It sounds wise in speech but it hurts so much in reality.

40- Empathy is like coils of smoke reaching blue tendrils into the air. If they're let go, they can fly wherever they want, reach people, touch them and help. It's a type of global love: the great unconscious doing good.

41- You're never too old, age is in people's heads.

42- Dump Mr Wrong and find Mr Right, but then ultimatums never work. Compromise does. If you love him and he loves you, you'll work it out. But you may have to live with it. I don't know if yu can really change anybody. You have to decide whether it's worth it to stay with them and their faults, or to be without them.

43- When a partner cheats in a relationship, it seems like he had been lying about everything, because to have another life with someone else like that, you have to lie about everything. Every thought, every feeling. And then it isn't the thought of sexual cheating that pains, it is all the other sorts of cheating. The subtle lies about where he was, how he felt....

44- You can't change how people carry on or think, you can only change how you react to them.

45- When someone dislike someone else, it's likely more to do with jealousy than anything else. Often it's not superiority that made people dislike others, it's a sense of inferiority. Only understanding will allow you to see this clearly.

46- When you came face to face with death, you need to talk about it. You need to be needed, to be stroked, to be told that someone cares.

47- People aren't looking at you all the time watching for your imperfections. You'd be surprised what they don't notice. If you hiccup, sneeze of flush puce, they often don't notice, and if you carry on as if you haven't noticed, then they will carry on too.

The lessons I've learned from reading books aren't the only thing I won, below are other things reading blessed me with:

1- I got to live a second life with every single story I read.

2- I've learned how to deal with things and situations I've never been through before.

3- It opened my mind and heart, it made me understand things better since I was seeing the big picture, without bringing in my own insecurities.

4- It brought joy to my days, I can never get bored again, a free time is a great chance to read some good book.

5- It gave me answers, to problems I'm facing in my relationship, it gave me the chance to look at the big picture and see both side thinking,

6- It's an escape from reality whenever it gets tough, not exactly running away, but a way to not worry when nothing that can be done is left.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." - Mark Twain

What I like most about books, is this ordinary life, a life of struggling and imperfections, a life of insecurities, and books are giving me a chance to live it with them, only to know that it's quite normal for me to feel insecure sometimes as well.

I guess a book is much better than a partner, at least it doesn't lie or cheat, it doesn't get you on your nerve, it's a great company a great escape from this reality every now and then, it entertains you and teaches you a lot! 

No matter how something sounds wonderful and one of a kind, its end can bring in some new and even better story. With the end of each book, there's another book to be read, different stories but the same thrills.

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