5 Things You Can't Tolerate For A Happy And Healthy Relationship

Love can blind us from seeing a lot of things that we shouldn't tolerate, we can do some real stupid things on the name of love. Still, the fault isn't in the love but in us and how we accept and tolerate some nonsenses.

I felt like a stupid when I broke up, looked behind and saw all the mistakes I've made, nevertheless, some mistakes can turn into blessings if we learn from it and today I'm sharing the things I've regretted tolerating, for that those things were signs that it wasn't meant to be and I chose to ignore it because of the illusion I was drowned in. The illusion that things might change and go really good.

1- Believing his words when it's totally against his deeds:

One thing I should admit, men are real good liars! They're good with talking, they can say all the right things in the world, which is great if it wasn't the only thing they can do, often at least. I hated that after all the hurting and cheating he would come up and say that he loved me and I would believe him, he sounded sincere after all, I even thought that he was struggling with his willpower or something. 

I'm not saying not to trust men, but trust his deeds before his words!

2- Violence:

I guess nothing can break us like violence, and being abused, it's not an excuse that they got angry or tend to struggle with controlling themselves, let's be real, no one can intentionally do harm to the one he loves. You deserve to be cherished and treated well, don't settle for less.

3- Cheating:

I'm talking about the one that comes on the name of friendships and so, not the one they would confess. Men love to live free and able to reach whom they want, but when it comes to real love, you'll be the centre of their universe.

4- Making you feel less of yourself:

By judging you for the way you live or for the way you think. You should be free to be yourself without anyone making you feel less of yourself or like you're unworthy, especially not someone who loves you. because if he does love you, he'll adore you and adore the things you do and say. Being called stupid, unworthy or any other name, has nothing to do with love, it's merely a sign that your partner isn't worth it.

5- Having no place in their life:

Being busy is a lie, we can always make time for the things we want to make time for, if not, then we don't want it badly, and it's not that important. I used to wonder why a whole three months can pass without my ex finding time to see me, I guess I was too blinded not to see that he didn't love me in the first place. And of course, when I protest he would say " you're in my heart!" and then I should take it as a compliment!

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