33 Basic Facts You Need to Know About Your Man to Make Your Marriage a Bless

When it comes to marriage, most women make the mistake of thinking about what their men and marriage can do for them instead of what they can do for their men. The result of this little emphasis on giving is unsatisfied needs for both women and men. What you give is what you get, that's why a woman who is yearning for a blissful marriage needs to, first, learn how to give.

Below is a list of some basic facts every woman should remind herself with:

1- Men want to feel appreciated for what they are and do.

2- Men love to hear that their woman is happy and that they are the source of this happiness.

3- Men love to be complimented and admired.

4- Men are grumpy when they’re tired and/or hungry, anything they say in such state is not to be taken seriously.

5- Men don’t like it when their woman talks about them behind their backs.

6- Men are not that “strong”; they get stressed and scared about things just like you do.

7- Men have dreams too, no matter if they sounded logical or not for you, don’t walk all over them.

8- Men want respect more than love.

9- Men want to be encouraged. They want you to be their cheerleader.

10- Men want to be asked for their opinion about something to do with the family.

11- Men do not emote pain and despair like women do, that doesn’t mean that they are not feeling anything. They suck it up and just try to get along in life in general and with women in particular. Women should not measure or interpret a man’s feelings based upon their own reactions.

12- Men aren’t perfect creatures. It is offensive and demoralizing to men when their women grab on to them and then want to remold them in their own image of the perfect man. It’s take it or leave it.

13- Men aren’t the enemy as it is pictured by the most negative beliefs of the women’s movement. Men are simple creatures who come from a woman, are nurtured, brought up by a woman, and yearn for the continued love, admiration, and approval from a woman. At the same time, this makes them vulnerable to their woman’s moods, criticisms, disappointments and rejections. So, appreciate the power and influence over your man and don’t misuse or abuse it.

14- Men are always showing their love for their women, it could be by getting up when the baby cries, or doing the dishes for you, or working extra hours to afford more for you and the family… just because one day (birthday, valentine's day...) wasn’t as perfect as you wish it to be, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year doesn’t count. And when their effort are ignored long enough, isn’t it inevitable that they’ll eventually stop?

15- Men are to be grateful for. Even with all the little problems that comes with marriage, still, some women out there don’t have men to support them and their kids. Be grateful that you have someone to care for and worry over.

16- Men want to be your priority. What most women forget is the outcome of caring for their husband and making time for them which is more pleasure and more peace. To have a loving connection with your husband will reduce your stress and add a dimension of shared joy.

17- Men don’t want to be in a position of feeling competitive with their children. Your child is a priority, but don’t forget that you have a husband before you have a child.

18- Men forgive just about anything when their women treat them well. They don’t hold on to grudges with the tenacity that most women do. So don’t worry about making the first move.

19- Men don’t like to be mothered by their women. They want to be your man, not your boy. So you don’t have to remind him, again and again, to get something done or to check up on him every now and then. Instead, admire him and acknowledge him.

20- Men aren’t asking that their women never have a negative opinion or a problem. But they would appreciate it if their women said what is on her mind and discussed the possibility of a solution without as much nagging, fussing, arguing, complaining, or whining.

21- Men are doers, only they need their women’s appreciation for what they do in order to be willing to do more and more.

22- Men live to make their women happy and cruelest thing a wife can do to a husband is to never be happy. Don’t forget that being happy is more an attitude than a reality.

23- Men often have an affair because something is missing in the marriage, and generally it isn’t sex. Often, the affair starts with a man feeling alone.

24- Men, generally, aren’t all that forthcoming about their feelings, at least not in the way women are. Yet, that never means that they don’t have feelings or that your hurtful words don’t get to them.

25- Men want to be their women’s hero. As you feed his belly, feed his ego too.

26- Men think, feel and communicate differently and they aren’t wrong for that. They are beautiful too in their own fix-it thinking way.

27- Men’s needs are more physical than emotional as opposed to women. Make it a point to take some of your time every day to connect with him intimately and you’ll see how willing he becomes to satisfy your own needs.

28- Men need your forgiveness. Men usually walk away from conflicts without hostile though. Women, on the other hand, tend to not forgive well, they never forget and they tend to bring up the past whenever she’s upset. Men are usually embarrassed enough on their own without their partners’ attack.

29- Men just don’t get the hints. If you want something, say it. It makes life easier.

30- Men want to express their feelings too. Listen to him and let him think and feel the way he wants. Don’t get defensive; take whatever your man says at face value. Women often tend to overanalyze men making them feel guilty for thinking and feeling the way they do.

31- Men are impressed by honesty, not manipulation (nagging, yelling, crying…)

32- Men love to solve their women’s problems, but they need ego strokes every now and then. Treat him like the expert and he’ll become one.

33- Men need their women’s support for their guy time. Spending time with his friends or doing the things he wants will make him a happier person. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or that he doesn’t enjoy your company.

Women, try the following:

- Thank God every now and then for the qualities your husband has.

- Look for daily little ways to be a blessing for your husband (try to anticipate his needs, compliment him, give him a back rub…).

- Make time for him especially when he’s eager to make an intimate connection.

- Put a little love letter in his lunch box.

- Ask him about how his day went and listen attentively.

- Wake up with him and bring him coffee before work and hug him when he gets home.

- Try not to complain, nag and criticize as much throughout the day and see the difference.

- Never say anything hurtful to your man, even when you’re angry. He has feelings too.

- When you have a request, make it sincere, short and direct, then say it in a loving manner, at the end don’t forget to say “thank you”.

- Take good care of yourself and always present yourself to your man as an appealing woman.

I would love to hear other points of view. Have you had any contribution to the subject, leave it in the comments below. 

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