20 Ways to Start Living Zero-Waste And Save The Planet

This is a guide to help you live a zero-waste life and reduce your environmental footprint.

1. Analyze your waste. Figure out the most important areas that you need to work on more

2. Start Using Ecosia as a search engine. With the search ads that come on your searching page, Ecosia will use 80% of the money to plant trees. On average 45 searches will plant a tree. 

3. Refuse what you don’t need. Think before accepting any clutter into your home. 

  • Refuse napkins and plastic bags when you get a takeaway.
  • Instead of accepting a plastic bag, refuse it and use a reusable bag or no bag. 
  • Refuse the plastic straw if you can go without, or take a metal one with you.

4. Shop in bulk. It's often cheaper and you save the environment unnecessary packaging. Don't forget to bring your own jars and containers. 

5. Use reusable. Skip plastic products and start using reusable once such as cloth shopping bags, metal straws, and cutlery, cloth towels, cloth period pads, bamboo toothbrush, safety razor, reusable water bottle…

6. Carry your coffee in a flask. You can make your own coffee at home or ask the cafe to serve it in your own flask, some cafe would even give a small discount for using your own cup.

7. Buy less packaged products. buy bar soap that comes without packaging and for your detergent, get a refill.

8. Get a library card. We usually read the book once, and there are too many books out there to read a book more than once.
9. Save on heat and air conditioning. Open your windows to air your home or to cool it down, and draw the curtains to keep your home warm.

10. Use less electricity. Let your clothes air dry, use less electronics, keep your lights off if not needed and use LED lightbulbs. 
If it’s sunny outside, let your clothes air dry.

11. Save on Water. Put a brick on the back of your toilet tank to save on water and save rainwater to use later to water your plants.

12. Buy less beauty and skincare products and start using natural remedies. They can be more effective.

13. Wear second-hand clothes. They’re cheaper too.

14. Use your car less. Instead, use public transportation or bike or even walk if it’s less than 20 minutes' walking distance.

15. Start a garden. You’ll save big on produce.

16. Cook smarter. Cook in larger quantities and freeze the rest for later.

17. Downsize. You’ll save on gas and electricity bills, and you’ll also have less space for more stuff to buy.

18. Compost. It’ll not only reduce your food waste but also it’s a good fertilizer for the soil.

19. Donate. It's a good way to reduce the clutter in your home but most importantly to help others. Donate your old books and clothes that don't fit you or that you don't wear anymore.

20. Collect memories and not things.

In the end, you’ll have to keep in mind that the goal isn’t to go zero-waste overnight, it’s really the small actions and habits you build every day that will reduce waste that you should aim for because added up they’ll make a huge difference.

Do you need encouragement to get started? here are some quotes to inspire you to live on less

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