3 Things You Need To Give Up Today If You Want To Be Happy (+solutions)

Life takes time, you need to wait 9 months to give birth, death takes no time, success takes time, failure takes no time, building a good habit takes time, quitting a bad one takes no time, but when you destroy without alternative, you may fail, take steps! That's how you should give bad habits, when you take it all in a once, you'll fail soon. Most important, have alternatives, don't leave emptiness, because it will be filled with bad ones! Then set up the right environment, if you want to give up junk food, throw it out from your kitchen! below are some bad habits you need to give up today:

1- Give up complaining:

No one owes you anything, it's your life, your responsibility! you're the reason why you're living that way and feeling that way, and you're the responsible of all your results because, it's the results of your actions, and your actions are your choices, blaming others is nothing but excuses! It's easy to put blame on others, it might make you feel better but it definitely won't change anything. 

Instead: Don't expect anything from anyone, take the full responsibility for your life, choose better and each time you're not satisfied with the outcomes, change something, do something about it if you can or let it go! 

2- Give up negativity: 

Change your thoughts, your world can't be changed with the same thoughts you've created it with, everything starts in your mind, we reflect what's within us and we see things the way we choose to see it, stop being negative, stop worrying about what you don't have control over, stop judging people because what you say about others says more about you than it does them.

Instead: Practice seeing the good in every situation, practice seeing the problems and the challenges as an opportunity to grow up, let everything be they it is, instead of worrying about the future, be curious about it! Let it be, let yourself feel sad, happy, afraid, angry, let everyone say whatever they want and do whatever they want, let it be! it doesn't worth wasting your time worrying about what you can't control.. support and lift others, show kindness the world is already full of negativity!

3- Give up caring too much about people's opinion: 

People are going to judge no matter what are you doing, they're going to criticize not to reflect who you are, but as a reflection of who they are, to reflect their insecurities, people wants you to do good, but they don't want you to do better than them! 

Instead: Believe in yourself much to let other's opinion matter, if you don't like something about yourself, change it! and when people tell you, you can't do it, just do it and prove them wrong.

Sometimes when you fail at giving up a bad habit, isn't because you weren't strong enough to resist the urgent desire to do it, but it's simply because you weren't really convinced that you need to give it up, sometimes you get so comfortable doing it and you can't feel the necessity of giving it up! 

It's not about doing the bad habits, as much as it's about doing it without feeling that it's bad, it just feels right somehow! We see the pleasure in doing bad habits and pain in committing to the good ones, but it's just temporary, the pleasure of the bad habits is temporary, later you'll feel guilt and emptiness and so the pain of the good ones later it'll turn into satisfaction.

"What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight; build it anyway." 

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