Why Relationships Fail: We're Doing Love Wrong

"Never live your life for someone before you find what makes you truly happy"

We've been told that if you're not happy alone, then you won't be happy in a relationship, well I used to deny it, I thought that relationships are not the same, that I can be happy in a relationship even if I wasn't happy when I'm alone! I was wrong.

Single sucks yeah, but nothing is perfect, everything has its pluses and minus, and what you have to do is to take out the best of every situation you're living. When you're single, there's still a lot to enjoy, you still can be single and happy, being in a relationship doesn't mean that you'll be happy and that everything will feel great! it can be painful!

The reason why is that when you expect happiness from someone else and attach it to that person, as soon as he walks away or when he isn't around, there will be no more happiness for you! 

The problem isn't in love, but it's in the way you love, you get too attached, you forget about having your own lives, and you stay focused on the partner, you make him your everything, the center of your universe; but the soon he gets busy for you, or he walks away, you'll crush down. I'm not saying not to give him much love or a place in your life, but to have your own life as well! you can make him a priority but you still need to have other things in your life to do and to love! your relationship should teach how to love life, how to love yourself and how to love people!

You may expect your relationship to be the source of your happiness or your escape, but what happens when it becomes a source of stress and problems, there you should have your own life, don't be too attached to your partner, keep your relationship healthy, sometimes you need to be reasonable with love and to stop breaking your own heart.

We came alone to this world, only leave alone, never lean on someone else other than you to make you happy. You got to take your full responsibility of your life and do it all for you. You owe it to yourself to be happy!

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