Things I've Learned From My Relationship This Week

- I've learned that when you give your partner, you should not expect anything in return, also don't expect him to like it, because it's totally okay to not have the same taste. And having different tastes shouldn't be an excuse to not help him or to not give him, maybe it's just about doing it in a better way.

- I've learned that being pretty, doesn't mean that you will be loved, no matter how beautiful, talented, rich you might be, without the love, that would never make a difference! love is something out of your control! and the best thing you can do is to be yourself!

- I've learned that if there's something that needs to be changed, then it's going to be your attitude, I used to fight all the time, then I decided to never fight anymore, and I didn't, I couldn't find something to fight about, not because things changed, but because I changed my attitude, what used to make me upset before doesn't bother me anymore.

- I've learned that you need always to be positive about your relationship, see how it's amazing how someone can love you, see you everything, want you that bad, and most of all you love him back, relationships, can have thousands of problems, and it's so normal since you get so close and you become irritated about everything, you'll want to protect him and own him, so don't let these tiny things ruin your relationship! it doesn't worth it.

- I've learned that you should never say no to communication in a relationship, it always worth it to here the other story even if you had to give up you ego!

- I've learned that being tired from a relationship, that would never mean that you need another partner, or that you need to broke up, breaking up should be the last thing you do, when nothing left to do! relationships isn't about not fighting at all, but it's about focusing on what really matters to you, what you love about your partner!

- I've learned that you don't need to be perfect, all what you need in a relationship is to be accepted for the way you are!

- I've learned that arguing with loved ones, doesn't worth it!

- I've learned that love is acts, but also feelings, it can't be faked; you'll always know if your partner loves you or not just by looking into his eyes!

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