Principles For A Better You

On my road, I'm trying to make the right choices each time, I'm trying to be perfect though I know that I won't but I still can act as if I were perfect, I still can show compassion, I still can be kind with others, I still can be a better person! here are some principles to be a better person

1- Your comfort zone should be something from the past: I used to love my comfort zone, and I didn't want to leave it, I used to hate the feeling of tiredness and over thinking, but then I knew that life is more than just staying in peace. We need to have fun, make mistakes and learn, we need to grow up, to see the world, and to communicate! and that's what life is about! so be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

2- Your life is your own responsibility: The world doesn't owe you anything, you owe it to yourself to be happy and to make your dreams a reality, stop complaining about the way you're living or the way you're feeling, there's no one to blame for that but yourself, never expect anything from anyone because no one owes you anything, being good to people, doesn't mean that they have to be good to you, the fact that you won't eat the lion doesn't mean that it's not going to eat you, so free yourself from any expectations!

3- Will to be different: If you want to make a difference in this world, then you must be different. There's no shame in being different, we're meant to be unique. Don't let others hold you back from who you love to be, or from the way you love to live, set down your priorities, but don't make pleasing people one of it! do what you love but don't do something just because other people think that it's a good idea!

4- It’s okay to be angry, but it’s never okay to be cruel: your mood should never dictate your manners, and if you can’t be kind, then be shouldn't let your circumstances affect the way you're feeling, when you're in a bad mood or struggling with negativity, focus on the positive, try to forget about your mood,  enjoy your time and find any reason to get happy, but don't ever settle for negativity

5- Don't be afraid of making another mistake: admit it but learn from it because it's really a waste to not learn from your mistakes and spend your time denying them, there's really no shame in admitting your mistakes, we're human beings and we're here to learn, that's how we grow up, we don't grow up with age, we do grow up with wisdom, the lessons we learn every day, if we just paid attention to our mistakes and to the people who come into our lives to teach us.

6- Welcome the challenge: We hate to go through hard times, we hate pain, we hate challenges, but we need it if we wanted a better life, we need it to improve and to get better, when you stand up and stay strong in front of these challenges, that's what would change the whole situation, so whenever you feel pain don't run away, don't let it consume you and don't settle down for it! keep your head up, and choose to stay strong, you will get even stronger to face what's even harder after going through this challenge! hard time were there to help us grow stronger. You’re not what you have done, but what you have overcome. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

7- To change your life you need to change your priorities: make your dreams your priority and take actions on it! Work hard, make a commitment, set down some goals with deadlines! you don’t have to be great to get started, but you need to start if you want to be great! stop complaining, take the action and start now! stop wishing, make you plan and get to the other side, the side of execution. Make it a decision, that you’re going to make your dreams a reality and be prepared to spend hours working on it, but you'll enjoy it!

8- It's all about your attitude: life isn't as it seems, but it's just as it looks like in our minds, like watching a movie,  after all you know in your mind that it isn't real, so you won't feel the fear or the sadness the movie is about, and so if you imagine that the situations in our real life isn't as it seems, the whole situation would change, by just changing your attitude, don't get into drama! you have the power to control your life, just with your mind.

9- Deserve more: Life responds to what you deserve and you deserve what you’ve been working for, dreaming and taking actions toward it! and you deserve exactly what you have right now but if you want more, then deserve more, take action, and put in the effort to get better.

10- The older you get, the busier you become: "The trouble is, you think you have time." Buddha, as we grow, we won't find time to do what we love to do, you need to take advantage of your youth to do what you can't find time for later, like traveling, a change you want to make or taking actions on your dreams. Start now because later you'll wish that you've started earlier.

11- The perfect moment is now: people may think that they need to wait for the perfect moment or they need to be ready to start taking actions on their dreams, or the change they planned, but actually, you won't realize that you're ready to do anything until you start it and make that moment a perfect one. It's about doing it even if you're not in mood for it, it's to do it anyway, and to keep doing it anyway too.

Most important is to not step backward, you need to improve and to get better every day, just make sure that you're on the path of progress, don't stay the same, don't settle for less, always keep moving, and when you fail, get up and try again.

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