6 Relationship Principles Happy Couples Live By But Don't Talk About


"Couples who fight often are most likely stronger than couples who do not. But it's not the fighting makes them stronger, it's what takes place after the fighting; the making up, it's coming to the realization that your relationship is more important than your differences. It involves acts of forgiveness and acceptance of one's mistakes. You fight, and you learn something new about the person, that's how it works. Real relationships aren't perfect, and perfect relationships aren't real."

Below are 6 principles for a better relationship:

#1- Understand Your Partner's Needs.

We're different, and so we have different needs, therefore, you'll have to understand your partner better so that your needs will meet, and you can live in peace tough your differences.

A happy relationship depends on the expectations of both of the lovers, what they need from each other. That's why it's really important to understand each one's needs, the more those needs are fulfilled, the happier the relationship will be.  

#2- Care.

It's not enough that you're together, you need to keep working on your relationship and cherish that love constantly. Fall in love with him every day! Don't take him for granted.

Nothing can kill love as much as being uncaring and taking your partner for granted, you'll have to remind yourself not to be too comfortable in your relationship because we often forget what they mean to us, we get used to them by our side.

"Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won't be an end."

#3- Trust.  

Every relationship should be based on trust, nothing can destroy a relationship like insecurities, jealousy and worries. It's hard to be open with someone you can't trust. When you know that he can cheat on you when temptation shows up, that would bring too much worrying into your life, and that isn't a healthy way to live by. But being jealous doesn't give you any right to accuse your partner, it hurts to feel un-trusted by someone you love. Your soulmate is someone to trust and to be open to. 

#4- Communication.

“True love is born from understanding” -Buddha

You can't say you truly love your partner until you know him very well and Vice-Versa, you can't say that your partner loves you truly until you make sure that he knows you very well, for that communication is needed. I've learned that it's stupid to misunderstand your partner, and what's even worse, is to keep misunderstanding him every single time, you'll know how this feels after knowing the truth! always give the talk a try.

#5- Respect And Accept Your Partner's Imperfections.

No one is flawless, the point isn't to love someone who's perfect, but to love him though his imperfections, it's rude to ask him to compromise himself for you.

All that you can do is accepting him the way he is, don't judge, be supportive instead and try to understand him. A happy relationship isn't about loving your partner's quality, but it's about accepting his imperfections. 

#6- Appreciate Your Partner. 

Don't ever take him for granted make him know that he's important, and appreciate what he's doing, forget about your expectations and start to enjoy his own way of expressing and showing his love, it's always the intention that counts!

The happiest couples are the ones who are positive and looking for the good in every situation. In your bad days, don't blame your partner for not being there to support you and keep you company or for not being what you expected him to be. after all love shouldn't be the way we want but the way your partner wants to show it. And you're not that perfect to be able to blame him. Know that he isn't perfect but treat him as if he was;  know his worth and appreciate what he's doing for you.

A relationship must be continuously moving forward to make you both better people, both people must grow. Any relationship needs to be worked on so rather than looking for a better partner, be that one!

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