10 Ultimate Tips For First-Time Workers

Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life! it's true, but you won't be always able to do what you love, for now at least! and so until you get to do what you love, you got take the best of every opportunity you can get, and below are some tips first-time workers:

1- Make friends: 

Don't be afraid of knowing people from work, just give them all a chance, be open, have conversations! by time you'll keep those who are worth keeping. having friends, makes going to work more so exciting, I may say that the main reason I go there is to see my friends! as much as it's a great motivation to get along with people from work as much as it's suffocating to not have any friends there!

2- Give out your best: 

It doesn't matter if you're not getting enough credit or if you won't get any credit for your extra effort, it's actually for you! excellence and creativity can't be used up, the more you give out, the more you get, don't hesitate to do the extra! because that's what makes the ordinary, extraordinary!

3- Learn, learn, learn: 

Even if it you won't need it, as long as you're there keep learning, you might use it someday!

4- Don't be afraid to choose a work a little far from home: 

The more your work is far, the more fun it would be to go there, to have a walk and to see people, to have a morning coffee on the way, it will give you an opportunity to see a little more of the world..

5- It's not only about money: 

It's about living, knowing people, doing something you love and having fun, else than that you might have got it wrong! the opportunities you'll get from the job, is much important than the job itself.

6- take it slowly: 

You don't have to do big tasks at first, just do small ones, but do it perfectly! 

7- You don't need to show yourself up: 

Let your work do it for you: work in silence and be modest but do your best.

8- Don't mix co-workers with friends: 

Offices are the most places that have gossips all the time, you shouldn't mix professional relations with friendly ones, don't trust someone just because they've been nice around you.

9- Don't act like you're in home: 

When you're new in there, you should learn first how things are going, watch others and learn!

10- Only ask for help when you most in need: 

You should learn how to do things by yourself, even if it seems hard at first and it's easier for you to get a help, but that way you'll stay dependent on others until you do it by yourself, there you'll know that all that it needed was a first time.

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