13 Things Happy Couples Do But Rarely Talk About

A relationship can't solve your problems, it can't change the person you are, or the life you're living and it can't make you any more happy, unless you do all of this yourself!
Below are some things happy couples do but rarely talk about:

1- They love but without attachment: 

Give it your all, but be responsible for your own self! never expect happiness from your partner, never expect anything actually. Easy said than done, you need to practice it, it's okay to fail, but make sure that each time you fail a little less, It's doable! It sounds easy to be happy by someone else, with being in a relationship, where you're no more alone and where you don't have to worry alone about your future or about things, especially when your partner takes it all for you! well, that sounds easy, but easy ways aren't always the right ones! your life is your responsibility and before you get happy in a relationship, you need to learn how to be happy when you're alone, that way you'll remain happy even when your partner isn't around!

2- They accept each other: 

No one is perfect, yeah, and it's not only about accepting his imperfections, but being able to tolerate with it! Even if you don't seem perfect for each other, if you're perfect when you're with each other, then that's all that matters.

You should never forget that your partner isn't perfect and you should not even to expect perfection from him, if he loves and he's all what you want, then this should be already enough, always be positive and remember first the good things he made to you, even the intention would count and sometimes it is enough!

Before you say that you deserve a better partner, make sure that you're perfect! before deciding to not forgive, make sure that you never make a mistake.

3- They don't mind to make the first move: 

Be the one who make the first move,  start with yourself, don't be the one how's standing in front of love, don't be the one how's turning it off! When you want him to treat you well, start with treating him well. many people only love themselves, they want to get without giving, they want to be cherished and approved, without trying to start with themselves, they want perfect partners without trying to be that perfect partner, they judge without noticing that they're not perfect themselves! don't be one of them!

4- They give each other enough space: 

Space is essential in a relationship, even when you enjoy each others' company, you still need to have your own life, spend some time with your friends.. And it's okay if your partner isn't always available, you're not supposed to spend every single minute together! It's okay to give your partner some space, don't be the only one who's willing to work the relationship out, let him make the first move as well, and he won't do so unless you give him the space. Communicate much, but not often.. Don't make it feels like you're 24 h around him!

5- They cherish their relationship constantly: 

Relationships are not easy, real relationships take work, hard work, and a lot of those days you're not going to want to put in the work because it's getting too hard, so it's easier to abandon it every time there's some friction. But you cannot do that, you cannot run away each time things get taught, you have to stay, communicate it out and work it out, together! you just have to make it to the end safe, not perfect, just safe.

A relationship is only worth saving, if both parties are willing to do the necessary work to make it better. Not just temporary patch work for a second, then revert back to old ways. But permanent change. A relationship where neither party is willing to change is like a stationary bike. The wheels are moving but it's not going anywhere.

6- They make sure that they're doing their part as a partner: 

Before you question your partner faithfulness, ask yourself are you doing your part as a partner fully, are you giving him all the love and care. Before you ask for anything, give, because when you're taking care of your partner and you're there for him whenever he is in need, then you'll be more than enough for him and he won't look outside, in case he truly loves you. faithfulness isn't about love, no love is enough to stay faithful, it's rather about character, some partners are faithful no matter how uncaring you were, others need the care or else they'll look for it outside. 

A relationship should be full of care. It feels bad to be alone, and worse to feel alone when you're not, that's what neglect does.

7- They Eliminate the negative: 

Think twice before saying or doing anything that might hurt your partner, whether you're think that he deserve it or no, and when it comes to the good, don't think it, do it!
Always be nice, drop the bad and never hold any grudges.. Always be there for your partner, support and help. do your part and more, and then, the rest is up to him, to the person he is and if the relationship is worth it, then it will work out.
It's easy to love the light, means the good things about your partner, but if you can love his dark side, then it's a true love.

8- They respect each other: 

Respect is the most important principle in a relationship, you need to respect your partner and to respect his decisions.

Even if you don't share your partner's dreams, you still need to respect it, to take it seriously and to be supportive, you're not together to share the same point of view, or the same dreams, you're together to support each other, even when they don't seem so excited about their dreams, if it was what they truly want then you need to help to push themselves to take actions on their dreams. No one wants to feel like they've lived an unfulfilled life.

9- They don't resist change: 

A relationship must be continuously moving forward to make you both better people, both people must grow.

You shouldn't be staying in something just because it's comfortable, if you are in the same spot in your relationship in year 20, that you were in year then, that is not a relationship worth keeping.

Love is not only words, but also deeds, and you show it when you're willing to change for the best for the one you love.

10- They show each other gratitude: 

No matter how small can be the act, in a relationship you always need to be grateful, show gratitude for your partner when they sacrifice for you, even if you couldn't feel its impact, the intention is what counts. Be appreciative.

11- They forgive each other: 

Forgiving your partner and trying to work your relationship out would never make you weak, but giving up on your love will.

To get disappointed by the least person you may think will do, doesn't make him a bad person, sometimes it isn't about the person they are, you know them already, and you need to forgive them because everyone make mistakes, we're nor angels, nor evils.
the size of arguments doesn't matter, having a huge one doesn't mean that it's hard to get back together, and at the same time, having a minor one, can mean that it's over. and for both cases, when you love each other enough, arguments would only strengthen your relationship, because you hold on each other a little tighter each time.

When you've been hurt and you got the apologizing and the making up, don't be too hard, forgive!

12- They don't let insecurities run their lives:

The worst thing that is standing in front of your love to your partner, is your insecurities, it seriously can change you to a whole different person. Whenever you feel jealous, neglected, alone... don't let it harden your heart towards your partner, feel jealous but don't be rude! We all feel insecure sometimes, but don't let it hold you from seeing your partner with a loving eye.

13- They give all the care and affection as much as they can and as often as they can:

Affection and tenderness, it does magic, try it and you'll be amazed with the results, you'll find out that it was much easier than showing your insecurities.

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