6 Reasons Why Guys Don't Like Serious Relationships

While we, girls, want to have a serious relationship where we feel secure, many guys hate to commit to such kind of relationships until an older age. There are exceptions for everything, but below are some reasons why guys don't like serious relationships:

1- They fear commitment: 

They love to be free and to take control of their own lives without having someone who would interfere with it or decide for them even though this is not the case for all the relationships, but many guys see it this way.

2- They hate arguments: 

While women tend to sort things out, men tend to run away. They want to live in peace. While it's true that one shouldn't fix the relationship, all you have to do is to maintain it, but some things really need to be sorted out.

3- They fear routine: 

When you first meet your partner, the relationship is fresh and interesting but after a while, both partners start to take each other for granted, everything sounds to be the same, the arguments tends to turn around the same problems. Even though there are many ways to prevent routine from killing the relationship, one can't be sure that these ways will work things out.

4- They hate responsibilities: 

Especially when it comes to making a family. While men like to live up their age and make the best of it, responsibility can make them grow faster and prevent them from doing a lot of things they would love to try before settling in.

5- Their obsession about "the one":

There might be another better love they're going to miss if they're going to stay in this relationship. They want to try more so they'll be dead sure about the choice they make at the end. 

6- Long term relationship's myths: 

How things change, and how the flame fades after few years and so on, because with time both of them will start to take each other for granted, they'll stop caring.

You don't have to be one of them, if there are exception you can always be a good excpetion.

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