7 Facts Only People Dating Someone Ultra Beautiful Will Understand

We all want to have a beautiful partner, it sounds perfect, until you experience a relationship with an ultra beautiful partner, I'm not saying that the reality is disappointing, but it's not perfect either, at least not the way you figured it out before, here are some facts only people dating someone ultra beautiful will understand:

1- You often see yourself not good enough for him:

You'll probably think that he deserve a prettier partner, especially when you see his pictures, or even when you see picture of both of you. But love isn't something you have to deserve

2- Jealousy would be the biggest problem you have to deal with:

He'll always have fans and most of them will try to get him, there, no matter how much he loves you and no matter how much he's faithful, you'll always feel jealous, if it's not because of him, then it's because you know that many might try to seduce your partner.

3- you'll worry about what people might think about you:

People may say that you're not suitable for each other, due to how beautiful your partner is, and so on.. this might be painful, but who cares, if you're happy together.

4- You won't believe it when he told you that you're beautiful:

You won't take it for real, you might think that it's only because he loves you that he's seeing you beautiful.

5- Taking pictures is the worst part:

The fact that he's too beautiful for you is something you'll try to avoid as much as possible, since it's a reminder of how inferior you look compared to him!

6- You'll be dead sure that he loves you for who you are, and not for your appearance:

You'll feel how special and worthy you are, and you won't have to worry about those days when you're not looking that good..

7- he'll teach you how to love your imperfections:

As you see him knowing all your imperfection yet he's still in love with you, that will give you a chance to embrace your own imperfections and fall in love with yourself.

Perfection is illusion, everything has its good and bad sides, but then it's not about looking for the perfect, but to focus on the good in everything.

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