13 Things Left Unsaid That I Wish I Can Tell My Partner Someday

Here's a list of things that I wanted to tell you, but you wouldn't listen because you were too busy to waste your time on romance. It's important to me to express my love though:

1- I couldn't help it but I always think that I don't deserve you, as I'm seeing many prettier, funnier girls falling for you, but you didn't give a care, saying that you've chosen me from all the girls in this world.

2- I thought that relationships is full of problems and arguing, I never thought that we can have such a sweet time, but then the more we know each other the more we understand each other and the more peaceful our lives get.

3- I might be too sensitive, but I see you more important than anything else in my life, you make me happy like nothing else, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, how can't I think of you with every breath I'm taking.

4- I got mad sometimes, not because I don't love you like I used to before, but just because I can't see it clear that I love you more than the problem we're facing, then just know that all I need to calm down is to hear the word "I love you".

5- I have my flaws, but I promise to change when I need to, I can't promise to never make a mistake, but I promise to apologize each time I make one, and to make it up to you, and to never make the same mistake twice.

6- I'm so addicted to you, that I can't help but to make my world turning around you and only you, though I know that it's not a healthy way to live by, but somehow being with you makes me forget all my principles.

7- You still as attractive as I first met you, no matter if you were over-dressed or not, it changes nothing. In my eyes, you're the most beautiful thing in my life.

8- I can't stop being amazed at how great you are and how great your heart is. You're my greatest inspiration, if I ever changed something in me, in my life to the best, then it was thanks to you, you gave me hope.

9- You taught me how to be happy, how to take my own responsibility and make the rest of my life, the best of my life. I used to be so selfish, but you taught me how to give and love unconditionally.

10- You're the only one who I can open to, without being afraid of getting hurt, judged, critizised, misunderstood, underestimated... 

11- No matter what we're arguining about, or whether I was the wrong one or it's you, I'll do whatever to never lose you, problems doesn't matter, you does!

12- How I wish I can make it up to you, for all those times I've been too selfish, too insecure to show you love when I should and when you most need it.

13- I honestly regret wasting time on fighting and arguining, I regret pride with you! wouldn't it be better if I just let it aside for a moment and loved you as hard as I could.

In a word, you're my home!

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