4 Easy Steps To Fight Depression Without Drugs

I can't remember myself being happy as I was a child, not exactly because I had a difficult childhood, but I was a bit sensitive and I couldn't let go of the small stuff. But now that I'm a grown up I know that I can decide to be happy or not. When I first got into a relationship, I wanted to change, my partner was a great motivation for me to be a better me, therefore, I was willing to learn, and I've learned that I got to be happy on my own, so I tried hard... but I failed. So I figured out that I needed not only to change myself and my attitude but I needed also to change something else. I needed to change the things that was holding me back from being happy. For me it was my partner, I wasn't happy with him, I was more like miserable. I figured out that a relationship that is making me miserable isn't worth keeping, the same goes to a job you're hating and is making you miserable or anything else you can change. I broke up and here I am being happy again, I can see the change in me and in my life each day bit by bit. Below are some ways that helped me to get out of depression:

1- Start with a change:

 "The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness."
  Depression needs a big change, and not just temporary stuff to make you forget about it. If you want to overcome a depression, you might first look for the reasons why you're depressed. If you're not happy in your life, than something is wrong, it might be a job, a relationship, some people that are making you miserable. So you might consider distancing yourself, or better yet change it if you can, a change is really needed to get out of a depression, because nothing will ever change until you change something.
2- Have a talk with a close friend: Sometimes when you feel depressed, all you need is a good talk with someone you can trust. Go out with a friend, a close one, someone you love being with and have that talk. As being single for a while, it was easy for me to get depressed, because I used trust no one but my boyfriend, and when we broke up, I was left with no one close, no one I can open to. I then realized how important is to have friends, close one, and not to let your world turn around your partner.
3- Stop setting conditions for your happiness: Don't let your happiness depend on someone else, you're a grown up enough to handle your moods and if you can't then you'll learn how, but as long as you're depending on others you can't learn to be happy on your own and cheer your mood each time you feel low!

4- Setp out of your insecurities: Why not stop looking for happiness and try this, try to make as much people happy as you can. Forget about your feelings and moods, it'll handle itself! Forget about your desires and needs, it will never get satisfied! Let's be superheroes, let's make the world a brighter place and try to leave the people we meet a little happier. We rise by lifting others.

I want to stop rushing, trying to take the most from life, I don't want to get any more, I want to start giving, to be the reason why someone is smiling.

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