When You Lose Faith In Love..

Love, everyone seems to be talking about it, writing and singing about it, dreaming and searching for it constantly. How fake it can be, just as much as real it can be. When you go through a failed relationship, where you've been cheated on or lied to, you start to question the love that once you felt, the times he told you 'I love you', how can someone fall in and out of love that easy.

I stopped believing in love for a while, I used to be fond of romance books. Then after I broke up, I couldn't believe in what I'm reading anymore, I would tell the woman in the book that her man is lying, no one loves that way, no one says that from his heart though a part of me knew that it's not true. I used to be in love and I know how deep it can run, it's just hard to believe when you're not feeling it right now. When you're not living it right now. So it was the case when I've got abused in some other relationship, any sort of violence, even in words, would frighten me and make me wish that she, the woman in the book, would run away to somewhere else where there would be no men to abuse her, even though, I knew it wasn't some real violence, it was love, he loved her, he wouldn't do any harm to her! 

But then it was just a matter of time, bit by bit, I came to believe again in love. I knew then that as long as my heart is beating, I would be always able to love and move on and love even harder. So don't lose faith in love. Men aren't all the same, if you went through a failed relationship, it might not be your fault, it might just be the wrong partner, that's it. 

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