24 Self-Love Affirmations to Start Loving Yourself And Your Life

Loving ourselves is something we all struggle with, and even if there's no magical solution that will make us fall in love with who we are overnight, still there's a lot you can do to learn how to love yourself and love your life. below is a list of affirmations to inspire you to start practicing self-love:

1. My body is healthy and filled with energy.

2. I am at peace.

3. I am my own best friend.

4. I am whole and complete.

5. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

6. I love everything about myself and I love my life.

7. I love and approve of myself.

8. I joyously forgive myself and others.

9. I can, I am able, and I will.

10. By loving myself, I allow others to love me as well.

11. Every day I appreciate myself more and more.

12. Every day it becomes easier for me to love myself.

13. I acknowledge all I have accomplished and am proud of my achievements.

14. I add value to other people's lives.

15. I am a good person just as I am.

16. I am a magnificent, radiant being.

17. I am comfortable in my own skin.

18. I am confident, happy, and prosperous.

19. I am exactly the person I want to be.

20. I am learning to love myself more and more every day.

21. I have sky-high self-esteem.

22. I know that I am truly worthy of my dreams.

23. I know that the greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love.

24. My mind, body, and spirit make an awesome team.

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