7 Practical Keys For A Better You

Knowledge is the true happiness! if you want to be happier in your life, learn more about yourself and life, the more you understand life, the easier it gets. Below are some simple keys to help you become a better you:

1- Awareness:

This means to be aware of what's within you and around you. When you admit your flaws and try to change them. When you understand that people's moods are in a constant change, just like day and night, just like everything around you changes constantly. When you believe in these changes,  so you start to expect that your circumstances will change, things will get better, you won't be feeling this way all the time and at the other hand, no matter how things will get tough, you'll be always ready for any coming challenges, knowing that nothing lasts forever. Just like the challenge had shown up, it will eventually come to an end, and only what you've learned through it will last with you.

2- Link between pain and pleasure: 

By nature, we, human beings, try to avoid as much pain as possible and at the same time, we try to have as much pleasure as possible. Smoking can give you a kind of pleasure but quitting can be painful for you, that's why those who are addicted, find it hard to quit. So it goes for diet, food can give pleasure and depriving yourself will be painful, that's why we fail in sticking to diets. It goes also for a relationship, where there's pleasure we stick, and as soon as things get tough and painful we try to avoid this pain. 

Nevertheless, it's all up to your mind to decide which can be painful and which gives you pleasure. The trick is to use the link between the two terms, "pain" and "pleasure", and try to change the facts. For example, you can relate pain to food, for that when you eat too much you'll get fat which will make you feel bad and so it is painful, you'll hate food, yet you'll love the diet because this diet will give you pleasure, the pleasure of feeling good about yourself. Smoking can be painful, the money you spend on it, its smell, the diseases, the addiction and losing control... but in the other hand quitting it, means a healthier life, a better you which can give you much pleasure. 

When you feel demotivated about a change, consider the good in it and the pain you'll feel if you didn't do it!

3- Change your question: 

While in hard times, we often ask "why!", why me? why is this happening to me? automatically, your mind will start to give answers for your question, giving you every reason why you're going through this, like being a failure or so. You're filling yourself with negativity that way, something that can't serve you in any kind of way.

But when you change your question and start it with "how!", it will change how you feel and the outcomes as well, because when for example you ask, "how can I get through this?" your mind will start to suggest every solution for your situation. 

Instead of asking "why am I fat?", ask "how can I become fit?" or "What can I do to get fitter?". It's not just the solution that you'll get, but also the hope that things can change, that you can actually do it.

4- Have a cause: 

Changing the world might sound unreasonable, but we often forget that this world is the sum of small lives. When you change someone's life, you're actually changing the world, no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted! 

Write down your dreams, no matter how irrealistic it might sound to you, then for each dream write some steps and ideas. Before you go to bed reread your list, that way you'll have something to think about before you sleep and you'll be able to see it happening and your desire to realize that dream will become more urgent.

5- Believe in yourself:

All it takes is faith, to believe in yourself and in your dreams. It's easy to make a million dollar, but it's hard to believe that you can, it starts with believing, if you don't take that first step, how do you expect to get where you want! 

write down the thing you once thought you can never do, yet you did it, the things that were once impossible, yet it happened, surely you have plenty. We seem to underestimate our power to accomplish. 

Try to change the way you do the things you do, start with changing your way home, use another road, use your other hand to write... that way you'll believe that you're capable of any change.

6- Forgive:

What comes around goes back around, it's a law in this life, what you give is what you get, for that make sure you only give love. It feels much better to forgive and move on then to hate those who hurt you, hating is like drinking a poison and expecting others to die!

Forgiving can't be a sign of weakness, it doesn't mean that you're accepting being in pain and hurt and definitely, it doesn't mean forgetting. Forgiving is a sign of strength, as Gandhi said "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

When you forgive you're not accepting being in pain, at the opposite you refuse the unnecessary pain holding grudges and hating will bring. Forgiving as well means learning, yeah forgetting about what happened, but learning! 

7- Be positive:

Only with being positive that you can keep your life balanced, that you can face any circumstances without getting depressed or losing excitement and so to boost this positivity, you can try this:

- Be proud of yourself and your roots.

- Walk in nature.

- Forgive the ones you love unconditionally.

- Learn from the past and move on.

- Free yourself from any addiction (junk food, smoking, drugs...).

- Love yourself for what you already are.

- Control yourself instead of reacting without thinking.

- Cheer up, you definitely can find a reason to cheer up at any given moment.

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