Quick Questions-Guide For A Better Life

We all dream of a better life, we live on the hope of waking up every day to live better days, yet we're not really willing to put in the effort and take actions on this goal, for that this goal, as much as it sounds vague, it's small steps that are taken day in and day out, all added up to make a huge difference in your life. 

Below are some questions to answer figuring out how you can do better in order to improve some life aspects:

1- The Spiritual Aspect:

- where is my position in my spiritual life?
- how is it my relation with my God?
- what is the good I'm doing and that is making me closer to my God? 
- Am I using every blessing to help others?
- Am I showing enough gratitude for everything in my life?

2- The Health:

- how is it my health in general?
- What about my weight, am I satisfied with it?
- Am I practicing regularly?
- Am I taking enough care of my hygiene?
- Am I drinking enough water every day?
- How is it my knowledge about health, am I reading enough about it?

3- The personal aspect:

- How is it my personal life? Do I love myself? Do I accept myself?
- Do I have hobbies that I love and lift my self-esteem?
- When was the last time I went on a vacation?
- Do I love reading? When was the last time I read a book?
- Am I aware of my weaknesses and my strengths? 
- Do I practice controlling myself enough?

4- The Family:

- If I'm married, am I happy in my marriage? or is it a source of stressing?
- how is it my relation with my parents and my children (if I have any)?
- What am I doing to support my family emotionally?
- Am I giving enough time to my family?

5- The work:

- Do I love my j
ob? am I enjoying it? or I'm waiting a chance to quit?
- Do I want to start my own business?
- How is it my relation with my superiors and coworkers?
- Am I putting in efforts to improve my position in work?
- Am I trying to learn more and attend training courses?
- How do I use my time? Am I well-organized?

6- Money: 

- Am I earning enough money?
- How much do I want my incomes to be?
- Do I have any investments?
- Do I have any savings?
- How Am I spending my money?

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