Frugal Living: 50 Ideas To Save Money In 2020

To become financially independent you need to make more money, but most importantly, you need to learn how to save the money you earned. The following is a plan action to help you save money and ideas to inspire you to change your habits and try new ways to become frugal.

Action Plan to Save Money


1.  Read and search online for ways to save money.

2.  Track your current spending.

3.  Decide on unnecessary expenses to cut back.

4.  Create a list of things to do to save money.

5.  Open and create a savings account.

6.  Set up an automatic transfer of 10% of paycheck to your savings account.

7.  Work a part-time job or work on a side project to earn more income.

8.  Sell stuff you no longer use on craigslist or eBay.

9.  Stop using credit cards.

10. Trim your monthly expenses.

11. Shop and wait for better deals on major purchases.

Ways to Save Money


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1. Shop garage sales.

2. Buy second-hand. There's no shame in buying second-hand items as long as they're good enough to be used. 

3. Buy offseason. Wait till the end of the season to buy clothes for the next year. 

4. Don’t buy trends. You want something to last you for years. 

5. Buy a size larger for your growing kids. 

6. Search online for coupons or sales for the things you typically buy.

7. Skip duplicates.
If you have a black t-shirt, don’t buy anymore. 

8. Check the store circulars for sales. You can use Flipp to check the ingredients on sales and plan your meals around it. 9. Use a grocery list. And stick to it. 

10. Plan your meals ahead. 

11. Use up the food in your pantry before buying more. A lot goes to waste because it’s expired. 

12. Organize your pantry to keep the food visible. 

13. Stock up on frequently purchased items when they are on sale. 

14. Check the top and bottom shelves at the grocery stores for cheaper products. 

15. Go for generics instead of name brands. 

16. Buy in bulk. Usually, it’s cheaper than packaged products and it’s a great way to go zero-waste.

Eating out

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17. Skip soda and artificial juices and drink more water. 

18. Buy in-season produce. 

19. Sign up for loyalty programs.

20. Grocery shop online. That will save money and gas. 

21. Don’t buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Cut them yourself when you go home and save money. 

22. Don’t throw away overripe fruits. Make a smoothie out of them instead. 

23. Cook your food instead of eating out. 

24. Double the recipe and freeze your food. 

25. When eating out, skip appetizers, desserts, and drinks. 

26. Check if the restaurants offer special deals on certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. 

27. Don’t be afraid to ask to take your leftovers home.

28. Split meals. Larger portions can be cheaper. 

29. Take it to go instead of dining in. You can eat your dinner at the beach or in the park and if there’s any leftover you can take it home.


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30. Use fans instead of A/C. 

31. Install LED light bulbs. 

32. Buy energy-efficient appliances. 

33. Switch on to a pre-paid cell plan. 

34. Run the dishwasher and the washing machine only when they’re full.

35. Install double-pane windows. They can save you 20%-30% on your energy bill.

36. Use cloth napkins.

Other Ideas

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37. Walk or bike to work. 

38. Consider carpooling.

39. Cut your own hair. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube today that teach ways to easily cut your own hair. 

40. Borrow books from the library. 

41. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions. 

42. Pack your lunch and bring your own coffee and pastry to work.

43. Sell unused items. 

44. Swap babysitting services with your family and friends.

45. Go for walks, stretch and take the stairs more often to keep fit without a gym membership. That will save you money and time. 

46. Buy school supplies at the dollar store. 

47. Buy right after the holidays for the next year. 

49. Pay off your debt as soon as possible. Interests can accumulate in no time. 

50. Downsize your house.

Have you tried any of these ideas?
Do you have other ideas to save money you can recommend? please let me know your suggestions in the comments below!

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