16 Things You Should Stop Spending Money On In 2020

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Through minimalism, I’ve learned that letting go of things isn’t just about saving money, but it’s also about taking back my freedom. We seem to freak out when we run out of something, but after a while, we find out that we actually can survive without it. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can survive without and below are a few examples of things you should stop buying.

1. Make-up Remover

If you’re a make-up junkie and you need a makeup remover at the end of the day, you still can stop buying those expensive make-up removers. Instead, try some natural alternatives that can be as effective and save your skin from the harsh chemicals. Coconut oil works as a great make-up remover. Also, you can use milk on a cotton pad or olive oil.

2. Hair and Skincare products

This goes along with the previous point. Chemical hair and skincare products are, oftentimes, doing more damage than good to our skin and hair. Many natural remedies can help take care of your skin and hair without making any damage and without burning holes into your pocket.


3. Jewelry/Accessories

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Eliminating jewelry and accessories and keeping only the most loved items, is your way for a simpler life. Living simply isn’t about having a minimalistic living space, but also, it’s about dressing simply.

4. Trendy Clothes

Trendy clothes can only be worn for a short while and then it becomes a clutter at the back of your closet. Instead, only buy basic clothes that you’ll be wearing for as long as they can be worn. Also, don’t be afraid to shop second-hand, you might end up with high-quality brands that will last you a long time, at cheap prices.

5. Manicures & Pedicures

If you can’t just stop doing your nail and you love manicures, try to save them for special occasions, or invest in a gel manicure kit.

6. ATM Fees

Using ATM machines not provided by your bank will charge you anywhere from 2$ to 4$ which might not seem that big deal, but costs add up. So try to use your banks’ ATM machine as much as possible.

7. Cable TV

Why pay hundreds of dollars per year for channels that you don’t even watch? More and more people are opting to cut cable completely in favor of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. 

8. Eating out

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Eating out might see the perfect fix when you don’t have the time and energy to prepare a meal at home, but the costs add up and it can be thousands of dollars every month especially when you have a family to feed. So, start planning your meals, so you can save up food waste and trips to the grocery store. Cook in larger quantities and freeze it for later.

9. Coffee

A cup of coffee usually costs anywhere from 1$ to 5$ per cup and if you’re a Starbucks lover, it’s definitely on the higher end. So you can see how making your own coffee and taking it without to work in a reusable flask can save you so much money.

10. Pre-cut Food

You might be saving time and energy when you buy pre-cut food or bagged salads, but you’re definitely not saving money. And to be real, how long can it take to cut your own food or prepare your salad? So it might not be worth it to spend the extra money on pre-cut food.

11. Paper Towels

Paper towels used for cleaning around the house or in the kitchen, especially with a family, while it might be more practical, can be quite expensive. Instead, use cloth towels, You can even make them out of old clothes. Or you can buy microfiber reusable cloths.

12. Bottled Water

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Buying bottled water isn’t just a waste of money, but also a terrible plastic waste. So consider investing in an activated carbon filter and start carrying a reusable water bottle with you everywhere.

13. Alcohol

Alcohol can be quite expensive and even with buying cheaper brands, costs can add up. Giving up alcohol has been proven to improve your sleep quality and help reduce weight, along with many other benefits. 

14. Personal care products

Many of the personal care products can be replaced with effective home remedies. Baking soda, for example, can be a good replacement for toothpaste or deodorant. Apple cider vinegar makes a great toner.

15. Cleaning Supplies

Expensive cleaning supplies can be replaced with much cheaper yet effective alternatives such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon…

16. Books

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Reading books, especially for an avid reader like me, can be expensive, not to mention that books pile up and become a clutter after you’re finished reading them. For that, buying second-hand books can be a great deal. Also, you can get yourself a library card and start borrowing books which even better.

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